Parma, 30 January 2022 – At the end of the match against Crotone, Franco Vazquez answered questions in the press room.

Where did it go wrong? In the end, we already had the three points in the bag, I think we played well, we could have scored the second goal but we didn’t manage to, we left the game open until the end and this is difficult. But I don’t think we played badly, we just couldn’t get that second goal to close it out. But you can’t speak badly about the team. I missed scoring here at home, it was a nice freekick but I’m not happy because we drew, we had to win but we have to keep going, there are other games and other opportunities to win and hopefully, we will. When results don’t come it becomes difficult, but starting tomorrow we have to think about the next one, continue to believe in what we are doing and then surely the points and the victory will come. we’ve ended up drawing three games after late goals now, if we had those extra points we’d be fine. We have to improve on that aspect, to shut games out so there is no risk of them equalising.”

When you’re 1-0 up and it’s been a long time since you’ve won, you get a little bit nervous, but I think we did well in the second half, I don’t remember any big chances created by them, we were almost there, but if you don’t close it then if you leave it open for your opponents to get back into the game. We need a win to gain confidence, but we must continue, play our game and the win will surely come. Can Simy help us score more goals? Hopefully, he can score goals, which is what we’re missing. Everyone has to be ready to give their best. There are many youngsters here who have a future, it’s their first season in Serie B and it’s not easy for them, they have to develop. The way we are, we can’t think about the playoffs, we have to think about the next game, do everything to win and at the end of the season, we’ll see if we’re in the playoffs or not. But now we can’t think about it, the fact of the matter is that we are far away, we can only think about the next game and getting more points.”