Parma, 30 January 2022 – At the end of the match against Crotone (1-1) Mister Iachini met the journalists in the press room of Tardini.

“I don’t have much to complain to the guys about today, apart from the first 10 minutes where we were a bit hesitant; this is a group of guys who have to come out of a tough situation. We came out of our shell after the start of the game, there was a chance saved by the goalkeeper, then we hit the crossbar, then the post and we broke the deadlock. We pressed high, the defensive line did well in that regard too, we also had some one-on-ones in behind, this must be our way of playing. Also in the second half, we came out strong, we missed the opportunity to close the game, but if I have to make one complaint to the boys it is the hesitance in the last pass or the final chance. We allowed our opponents almost nothing, we were a bit unlucky because it was from a ball lost in the midfield that we conceded, that’s sometimes how things go, with two rebounds it ended up at the feet of their striker. The approach was the right one, we didn’t lock up shop after the first goal and they didn’t put pressure on us. We had the will to try and get the second goal to make it 2-0, then that goal came towards the end. In the end, there were a few opportunities that we missed out on, it hangs on moments like that but I saw promising stuff compared to previous games: we didn’t hold back, we attacked high and played our own way in the buildup. Their goalkeeper was good in some circumstances, we hit the post and crossbar, we had to close the game, it’s a pity because the spirit and the attitude were the right ones in front of our fans. We have to get some boys back to full fitness. Costa couldn’t play 90 minutes because he hasn’t played for eight months, Cassata couldn’t play 90 minutes, Coulibaly is playing his second game after being out for two months. These are guys who have been with us for a short time. I saw the right attitude, even better than aginst Alessandria because there we were still a bit defensive in some circumstances. Buffon was hardly involved, but we had to close out the game and be more careful when they scored, we were a bit naive.

“We are working and talking with the club to expand the squad, someone has arrived and we will have him on the pitch tomorrow morning; and the market is not closed yet. When someone leaves, someone else comes in, it’s important given the many commitments and some players still need to get into their best condition, the January market is not easy. The lads played the game, there’s regret for the fans and for us, they deserved the three points: you can’t give less than that to others today. The goal we conceded wasn’t a tactical error but more from naivety, we have to be stronger than that; let’s look ahead, I saw many positive things today. The boys continued to attack high, the right attitude will lead us to win games”.

“A few results haven’t gone our way, but we can’t say that the lads haven’t made an effort today. The result didn’t come because of the confidence, the composure; it happened elsewhere, when you come from a relegation the jersey weighs more on your shoulder. This also happens to our opponents, Crotone started out to win the championship when they were relegated, but some seasons play out in a certain way: you have to keep going, overcoming the hard times. Today we wanted to win and the boys tried to get it: that’s what I want, not to defend but to attack looking for the goal. Today we were careful on set pieces and the percentage of shots of the opponents is decreasing game after game, a few key episodes have been why we have conceded goals, we are improving in attack. Winning would help some guys to relieve a bit of pressure, it happened to me elsewhere but we got past it by continuing to work and to believe”.

“We had some problems upfront, Bonny is getting better, but we can’t think that he can always come on and win the game on his own: he came on with the right attitude, during the week he showed how he has improved. He’s 18 years old and he can make mistakes. If we work week after week and give youngsters like Cassata and Costa the chance to play, they get minutes and then can come off. We have to ensure they stay fit by giving them the right amount of minutes to get them in the right condition.”

“Mihaila playing was 50/50, in the end, Man played: the boys were ready, they gave away very little to the opponents and did lots of good stuff, apart from the beginning of the match where the attitude was weaker, but I predicted it. Apart from the chances in the first half, in the second there were those opportunities from Costa and Vazquez. We don’t concede much to our opponents and we’re increasing the ratio of attacking play to goals. This, if we maintain it, leads to victories. We must keep pushing, if there was a team that deserved the three points today it was ours.”

“I have spoken to the club about the market. The directors are working on it. This market is more difficult, it is normal that there are some difficulties, you have to look for certain characteristics. Simy is coming, a natural Dutch left-back is coming and from tomorrow we’ll see how he is on the pitch. We are working with the club to keep looking, let’s see what the market says in the last few days. The market rumours could have disturbed us, instead, the team did well, Juric came on and played well, the forwards too, I would have been happier if they had scored: if they had we would be here talking about another game. We are sorry for our fans, sometimes football punishes you unfairly, we have to improve stats: we are doing it, we have to continue, with the stats also come victories”.