Collecchio, 9 February 2022 – Goran Pandev and Simy officially made their first remarks as Crociati players today. This is what they had to say:


“A great feeling. I’m pleased to be here. It’s a great club and a very important team in Italian football. I’m hoping to lend a hand and do good things to bring Parma back to where they deserve to be. Simy and I have played 45 minutes together, but I already knew him because I’ve been on the opposite side to him. He’s a great striker who will really help us.

“Parma have a lot of history and are an important club, with many champions having played here. I’ve always liked Parma, even when I’ve been up against them. They were always very difficult fixtures and the atmosphere was always fantastic. The stadium is great. These are all reasons why I decided to join, and I’m happy to be here.

“Honestly, I’ve been surprised by my teammates. There’s a great environment here, and the group are fantastic. They’re prepared to do anything, even off the pitch. This attitude is helping those of us who have just arrived. Now, it’s just a matter of winning our matches and making our fans happy. We hope to finish in the playoffs, and then we’ll try to have our say.

“We have to find a spark every day in training. I’m experienced, and the work done during the week is vital. Then, things come naturally during games. I’ve seen a group that want to do things. We train a lot and spend a lot of time on the pitch. We’re following the Coach and hope that wins are around the corner. As soon as we win a game, it could ignite the spark that the Coach wants to see. I hope the time comes where no one is able to stop us.

“I can’t wait to play at such an important stadium as the Tardini in such an important shirt. It’ll also be vital to win the upcoming game. We need to focus, stay calm and, with the help of our fans, win the match. In doing so, we can start afresh when it comes to the current league campaign.”


“It’s been positive right from the get-go. Playing for Parma is a fantastic feeling: this is a club with a lot of history in Italian football, and it’s an honour for me. Being here with teammates of this calibre can only make me happy. And now, I want to have fun, because playing with top players makes things easier. I hope I can lend a hand and help us achieve something important together.

“I can only learn from Pandev. It’s a special feeling to have him by my side, and it helps make everything easier. The career that Goran has had speaks for itself, there’s no need for introductions. We need to try to enjoy ourselves and learn what is required. He’s a champion both on and off the pitch.

“When I was young and began watching Serie A football, Parma were one of the most important teams. In Africa, we watch the Premier league more, but history tells us that Parma, who I followed as a youngster, are a great team. And now I have the opportunity to play here together with top players. When this opportunity arose, I immediately wanted to come here. It was a fantastic opportunity and I’m happy about it.

“There’s a family environment here. All the lads want to improve and prove their worth. We can only be happy to be here. We’ll take to the pitch and work.

“The spark? Goran, who has lots of experience, can provide it. We’ll continue to do what we need to do and keep pushing. Then, there are certain moments. Right now, things are perhaps not going how we’d like them to, but I think that, sooner or later, the story will be a completely different one.”

“I can’t wait to take to the pitch at such a brilliant stadium. And I can’t wait to take to the pitch with my teammates and try something different. It was great to make my debut against Benevento, but it’ll be really exciting to play at home in front of our fans.”