Collecchio, 10 February 2022Jayden Oosterwolde’s first comments as a Crociati player, out now on the official gialloblù outlets.



“It was a great feeling to have made my debut for the club so soon, against Benevento. I wanted to make my debut as soon as possible and this obviously happened in the first possible match, so I’m really happy to have achieved this and to be able to pull on the Parma shirt. Last Saturday was a very important match. I’m confident in retrospect, after analysing the match, the draw was a fair result; I certainly think we need points, and a win would’ve been nice, but as the game played out, we are happy with the point”.

“I am still young, but I have already played many matches in Holland where there are so many promising talents who have the potential to turn into excellent players. The difference between Dutch and Italian football is that in the Netherlands they try to play directly over the top in an attempt to score, while in Italy there is a greater attention on defensive phases. I think this is the main difference. In the Dutch game there are a lot of goals scored and conceded, whereas here in Italy the attitude is to try to prevent conceding at all costs even if that means scoring less”.

“In Holland I think that I have put myself to the test well, Parma gave me this opportunity to come and play in Italy, which I took straight away and I’m happy with my decision. What is it like playing with the likes of Buffon, Vazquez, Pandev and the others? It’s an incredible experience to be around legends like these everyday in the changing rooms, so I’m hopeful of learning a lot. I really want to prove my worth, because I believe I can help the team: I want to show the fans and everyone here in Parma that I can help the team”.