Parma, 12 February 2022 – At the end of the match against Pordenone, here is what Coach Iachini had to say in the press room of the Tardini.

“Today the team started well, they were aggressive, we messed up a few crosses and final balls. Our opponents scored because of fair play on our behalf, a player went down and we all stopped; when the ball came back to him the player got up and scored. We have to be more careful, fair play is great but we know that the rules say you can’t stop if the referee doesn’t blow his whistle or if they don’t put the ball out. We made a naïve mistake and from then on, mentally, the game shifted, the boys acknowledged their mistake but came back stronger. We made some changes and we came back with spirit and aggressiveness and we deserved the equaliser. The lads did well not to lose their composure and went in with conviction in the second half”.

“The coach always prepares the first and second part of the match, at the moment we need to take a look at the lads who have just arrived, Pandev knows he can’t play from the start of the game I had the match planned out with those who could come on and show their quality and of course, I keep some in my back pocket for after. The lads played well in the match, Goran came on and did well, hopefully, the problem he had isn’t a big one, he’s getting fitter. Everyone who came on did well, Benedyczak had a few knocks but in the second half, I knew he had 30-40 minutes in him. That’s what I always ask of the lads, to come on with spirit and strength.”

“My intention was to field a versatile team, one that could play a number of different styles: playing 4312 to press our opponents and then go and open them up and that’s where we won the game, by looking to exploit the outside players and get those one-on-ones as the team did in the second half. We have to be unpredictable because the opponents study you, they come here to play the game of their life, we have to know how to interpret more tactical situations. We have never played with the centre attacking mid and the two forwards, attacking from the wing and through the middle. I hope to have everyone available soon, with the way we play, we need the guys up front to always be fit. Whoever comes on must do so with the energy and quality that we need to win games. The guys in the dressing room were happy, a few moments didn’t go our way in attack, it was the same again today, we scored from our first shot. I tried to pump them up at half-time because they were dejected. The important thing is that the team reacted and gives me confidence. I hope that from what the boys did out there today, they can find more belief, confidence and personality to play with the right attitude”.

“From what I saw on the pitch, Bernabè’s growth was there for all to see, after 9 months off and in training, after the sessions finished, we’d continue working because I thought he had the characteristics to play that role, even if he hasn’t done so in the past. He has good feet, a good attitude and ball management: he can progress his career, as Parma are able to discover interesting, young players, he is one of them. Man? He is a guy who can really help us, I talked to him a lot, sometimes pushing and encouraging him. We have a player like Vazquez who performs the role because he plays behind the strikers and is offensive, he has already scored goals, he can score 13-14 in the season and with him alongside the strikers you improve your chance of winning games. That’s not to say others like Man have to be sacrificed: Chiesa since he was used in front I used him outside and he scored 11 goals, but there must be mental application and this is something we are working on. If you want to grow you have to know how to put your skills at the service of the team and he has these characteristics. If he understands this he will make a qualitative leap in his career, it is important for us and for his development that he can play several roles. This is also true for Bernabè who was a winger that I’ve converted to play a more central position. These are things that you observe with work in training “