Parma, 22 February 2022Today (18:30), Parma Calcio return to the Arena Garibaldi in Pisa after fourteen long years for matchday 25 of Serie B. This pitch has always been a tough one in the Crociati’s history since our first away match in 1927.

Here in Pisa, only a stone’s throw from the Piazza dei Miracoli and the leaning tower, our team has only won on one occasion and it was the only time that Parma and Pisa, also newly promoted, have faced each other in Serie A.

It was Sunday 18 November 1990.

Nevio Scala’s lads, accompanied by the yellow and blue flags that waved continuously in the Curva Sud, conquered the Arena Garibaldi with three incredible technical feats from three emblematic standard-bearers.

In the 24th minute, Alessandro Melli put through from the left by Enzo Gambaro making one of his typical runs, gave us the advantage with a diagonal right-footed finish (0-1).

Then in the 72nd minute, Claudio Taffarel saved a penalty.

Referee Robert Anthony Boggi of Salerno awarded the penalty after Argentine Pablo Diego Simeone was brought down in the box by the former Parma man, Stefano Cuoghi.

It was one of many episodes in an endless and fascinating confrontation, a challenge within a challenge, between those two tough midfielders.

From the penalty spot, our Brazilian goalkeeper guessed where the Pisano bomber Lamberto Piovanelli would place his shot, diving to his right.

In the 75th minute, Marco Osio doubled the score with a beautiful free-kick from far out.

‘Il Sindaco’ then struck the crossbar with a right-footed shot that went around the left of the Nerazzurri fullback Luigi Simoni (0-2).

In the photos: The Crociati fans in Pisa, Taffarel and Osio.