Pisa, 22 February 2022 – At the end of the match against Pisa, here is what Martin Turk had to say in the press room.

“I think my smile says more than anything I can say about my debut? I have to agree… It was amazing, unforgettable, I would say a perfect evening. The cramp? My teammates told me that would happen too, perhaps more due to nerves than fatigue. It’s also true that I haven’t played for a while, but maybe it was due to the nerves. To finish the match without conceding a goal is a wonderful thing, crazy even. Everyone gave me a lot of advice yesterday, they told me to stay calm, to play my game but not to think too much about it. Everyone helped me, from the first minute to the last. Did you make your best save in stoppage time? It’s true, that’s when the cramp started. In my opinion, in the second half, we could have done more, scored and got the win. Did I shout a lot during the match? That’s a characteristic of mine, no one told me to do it, that’s just me, I concentrate better and it keeps me focused on the game. Was my performance today similar to Buffon’s debut against AC Milan? Before the game I watched the highlights of his debut, it moved me. Maybe that’s why I played as I did.”