Parma, 26 February 2022 – After the win against SPAL (4-0), coach Iachini met the journalists in the press room of Tardini for the post-match comment.

“The work is showing, I work on the whole group, from the starters to the reserves, from the biggest to the smallest names: everyone must know what to do when they go out on the pitch, so everyone does the drills and then I evaluate based on that. This is a bad period, every week we have 9-10 players out of action, today we may have lost another two and it’s not good for our continuity. I told you before that we are becoming a real team in terms of attitude and identity, we were creating a lot: I said this after Cremona and after the match against Ternana and I was disappointed because the result did not reward us, we paid dearly for some mistakes at the back and above all up top, we had 27 shots on target scoring two goals or 19 shots in Cremona against their three. Numbers talk: so by carrying on and pushing forward, doing things well in both phases and being compact and aggressive the team got it right, but without being rewarded by luck. We had a lot of players missing and when a player is out for a long time, when he comes back he’s far from his best. the medicine is quite simply, to work, the group is improving. I’m interested in making the whole group better, today a player born in 2003 like Circati played and sure, no one thought he would play, but I look at the work on the training ground throughout the week, the 40-year-old is as good as the 17-year-old. I don’t look anyone in the face, I try to enhance a player for the good of the club and the team. Coulibaly is growing, he has been out for a long time, Bernabè too, but also Juric and Sohm. They are all getting better, this bodes well for the future, we must continue.”

“I didn’t want us to concede a goal today, I would have been angry if we had. A team must acquire the mentality of always wanting to be focused, we must improve on this aspect, on the mentality of not wanting to concede goals: you get the job done by not conceding and constantly trying to score goals, as the team did today until the end. At the start, we didn’t manage to break the deadlock, then once we broke the deadlock the game broke down a bit. This is what needs to happen, we must continue one match at a time seeing who we have available, we always end up losing one man to injury which isn’t good, but we are already working with the club to do certain things: this has been happening for a few years and we have seen how the season’s objectives can change, as in the case of Atalanta this year. We have to work on the details as a group, to try over time to improve many small things that get results.”

“We worked with Tutino a lot on reactivity, explosiveness, week after week he was getting better and better; it’s a pity, we hope it’s nothing serious. We’ll see in the coming days, as for Rispoli who has had a problem in the tackles: it happened with Inglese, Benedyczak, Vazquez, we are a team that wants to play football and we deserve more respect when it comes to bookings. I’ve lost a lot of players because of this, if you get fouled from behind you can not let it go, you have to make a distinction between a foul like this and a dive. If a player like Benedyczak doesn’t play because he got a knock and doesn’t train, he can’t do 80-90 minutes at the same level.

“In football, you also need to pay attention to other factors that count. If we have 27 shots on goal I want to score more goals, then we got 6-7 posts, 4 saves on the line. These are points, these are episodes that could have gained us more points, if we put our efforts into them we could be higher in the standings. Tomorrow I don’t know what will happen but I know that we are doing everything we can to make sure they recover as best as they can: not having many players available doesn’t allow you to rest. Let’s look ahead, let’s think about the next one: this win must boost our confidence about what we’re doing and to understand that everyone in the squad is improving, from the oldest to the youngest. When I see someone who shows me their quality during the week I don’t look at whether they’re from the Primavera or the first team.

“Pandev made two half appearances, scored a goal and stopped, Cassata made half an appearance and then fractured his foot, Costa is out, Oosterwolde was out for a bit and he needed time to recover. Simy had not played much, he’s a big player so he has to be helped and supported but inside the area, he can do good things. In certain moments of the match he can lack a bit of lucidity because he has not played much, he has to get back into the rhythm, every match he has opportunities but he also helps his teammates, he holds it up, he links the play, he works hard during the week and he motivates his teammates. He has a positive attitude and I’m pleased with that as a coach, it gives him and the team strength. I hope he can continue to help us and that he can get some more goals. We have to think about building, the team does that, then his time to score will come”.

“We go into every fixture with the right attitude. The fact that we have a few players out explains a few of our mistakes, but if you look at the defensive line we are becoming solid, putting more and more pressure with less fear, we pressing as a team and filling the middle of the pitch. We’re doing what we have to do. Before Cremonese and Ternana we were the second-best defence, now there are two games in which we are more solid, we have conceded very little. There have been a few bad moments along the way. If you look at today’s defensive line apart from Buffon there was Man who is 23, Cobbaut 23, Circati 18, Delprato 22; it’s a young line that are still learning. The next match? We respect Monza a lot, they are a team built to win, they’ve done well this season, we will try to recover the energy we need to play the game as we have always done, we’ll find the 18-20 guys that we need to go and play and of course, we hope that some of the lads are not seriously injured.

“I have to thank the fans, they have always been fully behind the team, they have understood the difficulties the boys have been experiencing; but they have also seen and acknowledged the spirit of the team who are looking to play and to win. Today they gave us a hand, as in Pisa and in the previous games, then the match is the result of episodes but one of my goals is to bring back the enthusiasm, to bring people back to the stadium who can enjoy themselves and be proud of their players. My teams have always done that, it will happen here too and I hope that some things will improve, such as the injuries, but we are also working on this for the future”.