Parma, 27 February 2022 – The interview with Crociati shot-stopper, Simone Colombi, during the “Speciale Serie B” broadcast by SportItalia.

“La nostra classifica ad oggi parla chiaro. Siamo in una posizione di mezzo ma con l’obiettivo di scalare posizioni e provare a entrare nei playoff. Abbiamo avuto tante difficoltà, però ora siamo qua e la squadra sta ingranando. Perché, al di là di qualche risultato un po’ così nelle ultime settimane, è un paio di mesi che stiamo facendo a livello di prestazioni. E prima o poi i risultati arriveranno. Noi siamo distanti dai playoff, però è giusto credere in un obiettivo e provarci fino alla fine. A gennaio sono arrivati calciatori forti, anche di categorie superiori, che ci hanno già dato dato una mano e un’altra ce la daranno da qui alle partite a venire. Alcuni sono stati sfortunatissimi, come Cassata. Che ha giocato una partita, si è fatto male ma sta rientrando e sicuramente in mezzo al campo ti può dare una grossa mano. Abbiamo le potenzialità per provare a scalare la classifica, dobbiamo credere in un obiettivo fino a che c’è la possibilità di farlo”. / “It is clear where we currently stand. We find ourselves mid-table but with the ambition of climbing up higher and making a push for the playoffs. We have encountered numerous difficulties, but now this is where we are and the team is working hard. Looking beyond some of our results in recent weeks, we have been playing well in the past couple of months. The results will come sooner rather than later. Although we find oursleves a little way from the playoffs, it is important that we have a goal to strive towards. In January, we strengthened really well, signing some players from higher divisions and they’ve already made a positive impact and will continue to in our remaining games. Some were really unlucky, like Cassata. He played a game, picked up an injury but he is making a return and can certainly be the difference for us in the middle of the park. We have the potential to climb up the league, so we have to believe in this objective as long as it remains a possibility”.

We are building a proper team here. The young players we signed in the summer are growing and are performing well on matchdays. Today, Circati made his debut in defence, he was born in 2003 and on Wednesday, Turk who is the same age came into the team, alongside Bonny, who’s still really young. These are all lads that have been in taining with us from the start of the year and are now giving is a hand, in this time of need”.

President Kraus? In Parma I’ve really landed on my feet with regards the footballing side of things. This is my third year here and the club gives us everything we need. We have a state of the art sports centre, a stadium that is unbelievable and the President still wants to improve it even further. He is a supporter who has always supported us, despite what happenned last year, when didn’t perform up to par and this year they are always waiting in the wings. The President himself has an incredible enthusiasm, and he’s always close to the club. Whether he is here, in Parma, or back in America, making video calls to the club, he is always in touch. This important to us, so we are trying our best to give him something to cheer about, because he really deserves it”.

“In Pisa it’s always tough, but I witnessed a solid Parma, that was compact, and beyond the result, I think that is probably the best we’ve played as a compact unit. Tutini? He’s a great player and I’m happy for him, because he’s back on the scorshheet following a difficult period where his game time was limited. But up front we’re blessed with many super options”.

“I made a choice this summer, with the club’s agreement. I’m really happy with this because I’m living the dream. Although I’m short on game time, having a legend like Buffon is fantastic, and not just on the pitch. This was a main reason for staying, knowing that I wouldn’t play every match. It’s one thing to witness it on TV every Sunday, bu to experience it every day is another”. 

“Physical problems? The last minute of the first half against Ternana, I basically felt a snap. But I wanted to continue to play on, because I felt I could help he team. I was struggling to move it during the interval. It was too bad, because we lost in the end and the diagnosis wasn’t a good one. But I want to strive forward and the goal is to get back to full taining before the end of the domestic season”.

“Injuries? During my 3 years here in Parma, it’s been constant. Tutino also picked up a knock against SPAL; I’m just hoping it’s nothing too serious”.

“I teammate who has surprised me the most, except for Buffon and Vazquez, I’d say Benedyczak. He’s someone I didn’t know before but he is young and from the first day, he worked with humility and power, which is essential for a striker. He scored a beautiful goal against SPAL, but he’s been doing that all season. Bernabé is also a wonderkid, who puts himslef about and has a great desire to learn”.