Parma, 5 March 2022 – At the end of Parma 1-1 Reggina, Coach Beppe Iachini had the following to say to the press:

“We played well again today, our seventh game in 21 days. We played, created, scored and created enough chances to deserve the second goal. Then, we conceded a really unlucky own goal. I don’t like to complain or comment on the referee in general, but every game we suffer 30 to 35 fouls, many of which aren’t seen as such. Today, in the second half, two players who had already been booked committed fouls which should’ve seen us playing against nine. These mistakes are unacceptable. Furthermore, Rispoli was taken out from behind in the box, and this went unpunished? Then, with a high ball into the penalty area, an opponent handled the ball with his arm, which, by the letter of the law, should’ve been a penalty. How can you not refer to VAR on these occasions?

“We’re a team that plays, that tries to take the game to our opponents with our technical players, but before a player can be booked, they must commit several fouls. Whenever the second yellow card ought to be shown, for some reason it’s never given. The team had a lot of shots and played aggressively. There was a drop at the start of the second half, but that’s to be expected given the number of games recently and with some of the lads getting very little rest. As the game progressed, I was unhappy with certain incidents. In Monza, there were two fouls in the box on Vazquez which went unnoticed. This is simply unfair on the team. We could have taken home more points, and it isn’t acceptable. I never get angry, but, after a series of incidents, I now feel I should speak out.

“Not killing matches has been a trend of ours this season. We have important forwards missing, such as Tutino and Pandev, and it’s normal to not finish off some situations. Youngsters are playing who don’t have as much experience as other players. Despite this, we have had opportunities. I’m interested in the team playing and trying to entertain the fans. We’re growing and shown ourselves to be solid, compact and aggressive. We could have killed some games, but a penalty would be nice every now and then. If it’s a foul, it’s a foul; you can’t just ignore it. If it’s a yellow card, it needs to be given.

“Despite the absentees, the team is in good shape physically. Players like Juric and Man are showing this. Despite the endless run of games, they are continuing to push. We’ve done well in defence and don’t give away many opportunities. The countless fouls which break up the game show that we’re doing well and that our opponents are struggling to stop us between the lines. The team are performing but not being rewarded and the boys deserve more luck. There is definitely regret because the team deserved the three points. We gave nothing away.

“We need to play every match like we have been doing. While we need to score more, we’ve been performing consistently. Then, there’s the fact that you can pay the price for losing so many players. It can result in fewer goals and, consequently, fewer points.”