Parma, 19 March 2022 – Parma Calcio’s assistant manager, Giuseppe Carillo, spoke to the media in the Tardini press office, at the end of our match against Lecce.

“We played really well today; the boys played some nice football. We gave very little away to the best attack in Serie B. I don’t think we could do better than this. We just lacked that match-winning move along with a bit of luck. Our only regret is this, but I can’t get on the boys’ backs too much, because they played fantastically against a good team

“The guys, who were involved in attack, had given everything up to our first substitution and were starting to look a bit tired. We have just come from a very tough cycle of games and we’ve picked up lots of injuries. Today, some played after having fever, including Cobbaut, Bernabé, Juric, as well as Brunetta, so that was a bit of an emergency situation. Those who were brought on did so at a time when the whole team had lost some clarity; perhaps in the second half, they lacked the energy to dominate the midfield as we had done in the first half. However, the team tried to find the route to the goal right until the end and we were unlucky in some situations.

“We had to replace Danilo, because he was adjudged to be dazed. He tried to battle on, but we opted to make the change. Circati then came in and did very well”

What we saw today was also something we’ve witnessed in other matches. We deserve more points from how the game planned out, not only today but also in previous matches”

 The young players on the pitch are a beautiful sign for us and it’s thanks to a coach who always helps every player in training. So when someone is called up, his role is clear to him. Then there are the values ​​of players, like Circati, who are proving that they can compete in Serie B”

 “Our team deserves more points, as we’ve lacked a bit of luck in some games. Lecce also today proved to be a solid team, and are at the top of the standings for a reason. They have the best attack and I emphasise this because we managed to near enough completely nullify them. Athletically they are a strong and experienced team, which gives even more value to our performance today”

“These draws are the result of a lack of luck. Looking at how we played in the last few games we certainly deserve a few more wins which would have boosted our league position. The momentum was there, and the intensity for the most part of the game came from us. In the end, there was a lack of clarity, but the desire to run and fight was there until the end. We have lacked a bit of direction in some games, making the wrong decisions by rushing our play. The first half penalty shout? From the bench it was difficult to see what happened; Tutino had got in front of his opponent, and perhaps there was a little push but we don’t want to judge the refereeing, because we are happy with the performance, so let’s continue in this manner”.