Parma, 3 April 2022 – Ticket presale for our home game against Como (matchday 33 of Serie B 2021/22) opens tomorrow morning (10:00 CEST) on the Ticketone circuit. The game is scheduled for this coming Wednesday 6 April (20:30 CET) at the Ennio Tardini stadium.

On matchday, tickets will also be available at the box office of the stadium’s ticket officefrom 11:00 CEST to the start of the match

Parma Calcio must stress that due to technical reasons, it will not be possible to use refund vouchers to buy tickets at the ticket office on the day of the match.

It will be possible to purchase tickets via Ticketone, either online (click here) or at the ticket offices, up until 13:00 CEST on the day of the match

The authorised points of sale in Parma and its province are as follows:

  • Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – Palazzina Maria Luigia stadio Tardini, Piazzale Risorgimento 1-Parma (dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 15 alle ore 19 e il sabato dalle ore 10 alle ore 13)
  • Tabaccheria Lottici, Piazza Ghiaia 33/D-Parma;
  • Tabaccheria della Rocca, Via Emilio Lepido 1-Parma;
  • Tabaccheria Panorama, Via Pellico20/A-Parma;
  • Tabaccheria Salati, Piazza Partigiani d’Italia 4-Collecchio;
  • Tabaccheria Mille Idee, Via Garibaldi 68-San Secondo Parmense;
  • La Dea Bendata, Via XXIV Maggio 28-Fornovo.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Tribuna Centrale Petitot 100 Euro 5 Euro
Tribuna Laterale Petitot 60 Euro 35 Euro 5 Euro 35 Euro
Tribuna Est 30 Euro 15 Euro 5 Euro 15 Euro
Curva Nord 15 Euro 10 Euro 5 Euro
Settore Ospiti 15 Euro

OVER 65: 
born before 01/01/1956. UNDER 18: born after 01/01/2004. UNDER 14: born after 01/01/2008.


Tickets for the Away Section (Settore Ospiti) can be purchased until 19:00 CET on Tuesday 5 April.


For the purchase of tickets, it will be possible to use the reimbursement vouchers for the 2019/20 season ticket.

The voucher can also be used for the purchase of tickets that are in other people’s names by carrying out the operation online from the Ticketone account of the voucher holder.

To purchase online with the voucher, enter the code indicated on the voucher on the Ticketone page.

If, on the other hand, you buy the ticket at a Ticketone point of sale, you must show up with the voucher.


It is forbidden to change the user on an individual match ticket, but it is possible with a season ticket, as long as the user’s title is transferred onto a Fidelity Card.

This can be done by clicking on ‘change support’ on the Ticketone service page (click here).

In order to gain access to the stadium, the person using the season ticket must also be in possession of the placeholder associated with the season ticket that he/she has been lent.

This can be retrieved on the same page of Ticketone under the heading ‘print seat card’ (click here)


In the reserved section, in the Tribuna Est, free spaces are available, subject to availability, for fans with disabilities and their accompanying persons, in compliance with the usual procedures (click here).

In order to be accredited, a request must be sent by 15:00 CEST on Monday 4 April to the Supporters Liaison Officer-Disability Access Officer of Parma Calcio, at the following email address:

Accepted requests will be answered with an email confirming the accreditation on the afternoon of Monday 4 April.


On the day of the match, the collection of club accreditations and press accreditations will be possible at the ticket office from 11:00 CEST.


Access to the stadium for those over the age of 12 will only be granted to those in possession of a ‘Super’ Green Pass (Super Green Pass can be acquired only by those who have been vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid 19), which will be verified at the entrances.

The green COVID 19 certification will not be required at the time of purchasing the ticket but at the entrance to the ground, where each spectator will have to undergo a body temperature check. It should be noted that those who purchase a ticket without having the Green Pass will not be entitled to any refund.

Parma Calcio would like to point out that other forms of certification will not be accepted, such as self-certification, which do not allow for checking via a specific QR CODE issued by the Ministry of Health. The QR CODE will be checked via the VerificaC19 app.

As stated in the Stadium Rules of Use, it will be mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask during the entire course of the event. Parma Calcio also asks its fans to keep as much distance as possible between each other in the stands.