Parma, 6 April 2022 – Today, it was an emotional day not just on the pitch, as the Crociati beat Como 4-3 in a seven-goal thriller. In the stands, was Vlad, sat wrapped up in his Ukrainian flag, alongside mother, Nadiia and little sister, Anastasiia. With them was also Vlad’s grandmother, Mariya, who has lived in Rome for several years: Vlad, Nadija and Anastasia took refuge with her after fleeing Lviv (Ukraine) after the events that have unfolded in their homeland in recent weeks.
Vlad, among his many passions, lies football. He is a young goalkeeper, and since his arrival in Italy he has been quickly “signed” by the San Paolo Ostiense Soccer School. After all, on the football pitch, there are no barriers, not even on the language front. In a recent interview, Vlad mentioned a very special idol: Gianluigi Buffon. The Club Captain of Parma Calcio 1913, after reading what the young man had to say, didn’t think twice and expressed his wish to give him and his whole family an experience, by inviting them to today’s game at the Tardini. Prior to the match, in the “Ernesto Ceresini” Crociati Museum, Vlad met his idol, in what was a truly emotional moment. Gigi wanted to meet him and give him a hug, offering the young fan a signed shirt and plenty of photos. Not only Buffon, but President, Kyle Krause also came to meet the family, gifting them a Parma Calcio 1913 scarf and a small Crociati mascot for Vlad’s little sister.
The emotion could be seen in everyone’s eyes, with so much significance; it was truly one of the highlights of the day.