Parma, 6 April 2022 – Gennaro Tutino spoke to the reporters in the press office at the Tardini stadium after our victory against Como.

Here’s what he had to say:

“This is a really important victory because it keeps up our good run of form, with back to back home wins. It’s an important result because they came back to take the lead, but we showed once again that we are a team that persists to the very last minute. As I’ve said before, we are growing. There are five games left and 15 points up for grabs; we must try take as many as we can, as we did today. We work hard every day to ensure that we are ready. Today the coach decided to put me on the bench and we are all professionals and respect the manager’s decisions, because as he always tells us, he prepares two games at once. I just did my best to make sure I was ready to help the team. Everyone in the group is growing. I certainly had some fitness problems, but am now 100% fit. I have confidence that the team will play well. Today we conceded 3 goals but scored 4  ourselves;  we are defending better and creating more chances. There are five games left, so let’s try to win them all starting with Brescia. We will give our all and then on May 6th we’ll see where we are. When I came on, I shouted to Cobbaut that if we could score, we would go on to win the game. We had to believe it. I looked at the scoreboard when I was brought on and thought there were 14-15 minutes remaining, but experience has taught me that if you score a goal, you give yourself a fighting chance of winning it, as happened today. We must always believe in our ability. We made two mistakes, allowing Como to take the lead; we have to be more careful because during the week we work on every minute detail, and it is annoying to let a team back into a game we should’ve killed off. All was well; we have to eradicate these careless mistakes, but today we got away with it. Our main hindrance this season can only be ourselves if we don’t believe in the final goal. We must be mad to stop believing. We have gained points on our opponents, so we must continue to give 110% whenever we step onto the pitch. We need to focus on ourselves. Unfortunately we must also rely on our opponents slipping up, but we prioritise our own game; we play every game to win and then on May 6th our fate will be decided”.