Parma, 7 April 2022 – Parma are showing real fight on the pitch at the moment, and are having fun doing it. This is a happy Parma that is showing a lot of heart, off the pitch. Parma v Como has many stories to tell,  watched with Crociati-tinted glasses by those who love the club and display who more and more passion every time the emotion manifests itself. From Parma v Como, we learned of Vlad’s story; a young Ukrainian goalkeeper, who lived and continues to live through his people’s suffering. His heart, despite being overwhelmed with pain, is also filled with hope, as yesterday one of his dreams came true: he embraced his idol, Gigi Buffon, who welcomed him into the Crociati world, distracting him from the sadness for a few hours; a feeling that no child should ever have to endure.


At Parma v Como there was a gesture, from Dennis Man. Football fan, Stefan, is a 15-year-old boy from Romania, suffering from a serious illness. His idol is Dennis. For two games now, Stefan and his family, who live in Cesena, have attended the Tardini to support Man and Parma, with gialloblù scarves around their necks and the Romanian flag in hand. At the end of the match against Como, having learned of Stefan’s story, Dennis wanted to give something back. So he met the young fan and gifted him his shirt. He came directly from the pitch into the stand of the stadium, in which Stefan supports Parma. A short, but heart-warming meeting, full of emotions from both sides. He gifted Stefan his shirt as a token of gratitude for his support, exchanged some words, posed for a photo and promised to see him again soon, at the Tardini. There was even a tear of joy shed, among the many smiles.


There is another story from the game; exciting, vibrant and full of energy. The children from the Puccini learning institution, gladly accepted the club’s invitation to bring a large number of their young cohort along to support the Crociati on Wednesday. From the moment they took to their seats in the East Tribune, they cheered deafeningly, fantastically, from the bottom of their hearts for the entire game. It was unbelievable. Their support could be heard from the home dugout. As Beppe Iachini said in his post-match analysis: “We dedicate this victory to our president, to the fans, who’s support I am grateful for and the many children who joined us today; it was a beautiful occasion for football and for sport and for that, we are grateful. On we go”. We will march onto the next game. With Vlad, Stefan and the many childrens’ joy, we saw the other side of Parma that beating heart that unites players and fans alike.