Parma, 10 April 2022 – Before training today and the team’s departure for Brescia, Coach Beppe Iachini answered journalists’ questions at the Stadio Ennio Tardini.

Our results have been more consistent and the team have grown well. We come off the back of some good performances but know we’ve done nothing yet. We will check on some of the players’ fitness levels. Some of the lads came out of the last game pretty bruised. We haven’t got anyone new back among the squad. We know we’re in store for a difficult game at a tricky ground against a really good team tomorrow. We will need to be on our game in every respect and are preparing in such a way as to best equip ourselves.

“Brescia are a smart team with a coach who has returned. He already knew several players in his group and has already won with them. They are a high-quality outfit. When you face teams of this calibre in a pressure environment, you have to play well in all respects, including in terms of your character. We mustn’t sacrifice our own game and cannot afford the lapses in concentration we showed in our last game.

“We started our own journey quite late. We brought in some new faces in January but only Simy has always been available, with Pandev making the odd appearance. However, the group has grown massively, developing their own attitude and mentality both at home and on the road. We will need to play at our best in the remaining games this season. It’s a strange league this time around: there’s never been a season when the top eight have pulled away as much as they have. Looking at recent campaigns, with our tally, we’d usually be in and around the play-offs at this point. We are a few points short of where we should be, but hindsight is a wonderful thing: we have to go out and produce another great performance and keep up the good run.

When I arrived, I said that the goal was to restore the enthusiasm amongst the fans. They see the team fight and persist in the face adversity. This is a fundamental element: honouring the shirt, attacking from the first to the last minute. The fans have noticed all this, and our relationship with them makes us happy and will only give the lads a boost heading into the season’s final straight. We will do everything in our power to give ourselves a chance.

“This is our third match in eight days, so we hope that all the players who are selected have recovered well and show the same attitude we’ve seen in the last few games.

“In Serie B anyone can beat anyone on their day: Pordenone beat Frosinone, for example. We won in Vicenza with 15 players out, and then in their next match they beat an opponent in the playoffs. It’s not like Serie A, as this league is so unpredictable. You must be on your game regardless of the opponent. There are also fixtures that speak for themselves and this one against Brescia is one of these. There’s still a lot of football to be played and we are in the mix; we will push until the very last game.

“I came here with the aim of winning, doing well, bringing the enthusiasm back and bringing Parma back to Serie A. The President appointed me with this in mind. We are working hard towards this, and several things have changed; today, the team approach games with less fear. It takes time to work on mentality, without neglecting tactical growth. We have found new roles for certain players, from converting Vazquez to an attacking midfielder to get him closer to goal through to ensuring Man has more opportunities to attack the goal. There’s also Bernabé, who is on the right path. But I also look at the likes of Delprato, Circati, Turk: I certainly did not expect the third-choice goalkeeper to play as much as he has. We have created a group for the immediate and long-term future.”