Parma, 18 April 2022 – This week is a very important one. As has been the case since 1970, Earth Day will be celebrated on 22 April. It shines a spotlight on environmental concerns and the problems relating to a climate crisis that could have irreversible and devastating consequences. Since 1990, Earth Day has been a global phenomenon, with numerous initiatives taking place around the world to try to make the planet sustainable.

It’s a mission that requires continuous commitment day after day. Parma Calcio has undertaken various initiatives in the past few months, and they will be presented in the coming Earth Week. From the correct sorting of waste and fighting against plastic waste through to the use of reusable containers (instead of plastic bottles) and relying on green energy, thus reducing harmful gas and light pollution as much as possible. This is because caring for the environment is one of the core values of our Club, with partners such as BWT and BLUENERGY fully supporting us in this mission.

In the meantime, throughout Earth Week, Parma Calcio’s social media channels will be coloured green as a show of support for this special seven-day period. On our official website, we’ll tell you what we’re doing to help create a better and sustainable world.