Parma, 20 April 2022 – Reducing waste and our plastic use, as well as the importance of proper hydration. These are the pillars of the initiative that Parma Calcio is backing, thanks to the contribution of partner, BWT (Best Water Technology), an Austrian multinational company with their foot in the field of water treatment systems.

All the staff and players from the first team and the youth sector groups will be provided with customised water bottles created specifically for their use. They will be able to refilled from the various dispensers that will be installed throughout the Sports Centre. The goal is to raise awareness among our athletes on the importance of the right hydration, making them aware as to how this impacts performance and aids injury prevention. The bottles will be made of tritan, a thermoplastic material, 100% BPA-free (bisphenol A) and without the use of plastics, they are therefore more eco-sustainable.

This won’t just be available to those involved in the sporting side of the club’s operations, but also to every employee at the Crociati’s headquarters. The water bottles will be delivered to each worker, thus adopting a sustainable delivery solution in an attempt to strive towards a “plastic-free” countryside, thanks to the dispensers that will be provided on the premises. This is just one of the numerous challenges that Parma Calcio is committed to supporting, as we look towards a more sustainable planet in our fight against the climate crisis.