Perugia, 25 April 2022 – After the match in Perugia ended 2-1, Coach Iachini shared his post-match thoughts with us.

“The team has played well and grown significantly over the last two and a half months: in the last three games we have managed 46 shots on goal with more possession than our opponents while also conceding just five shots on our goal. We started strong tonight, but conceded two goals, from the penalty spot and a Buffon error. We created numerous chances, hitting the crossbar and in the tight areas of the pitch, the team tried to play and that’s all I can ask of them. They deserved a more favourable result and we have been saying this for some time now. The young people in the squad are growing as players. We have been unlucky; that was the eleventh time we’ve hit the crossbar since I arrived and Parma deserve more for what they’ve shown. We are making good progress with the likes of Inglese and Buffon but Man picked up a knock. I’m happy for Oosterwolde who played well tonight. They deserved more luck; I can’t blame the team in the same fashion as I did in the last match”

“In the second half we were much improved as we got between the lines. After a relegation battle and a false start, the pressure was on, which were mostly brought about by injuries. Then some were out of action for several months but the team grew with the young players progressing well, but we didn’t reap the rewards in front of goal. The team has always stayed in matches well, but we have not been rewarded for the product we’ve built”

“These matches create a sense of promise for the future. We know each others’ games, but we need to improve in front of goal. Today we had some young lads in defence, and there are many who are on a promising journey”

“Today we wanted to play a more zonal formation, with Bernabè playing box to box. We created chances an played like a team, which suggests that important foundations have been laid”.