Parma, 30 April 2022 –  At the end of the match against Alessandria, the Crociati’s assistant coach, Giuseppe Carillo spoke to the media in the press office of the Tardini.

“We knew that it would be a difficult match on paper, as we took on a team fighting to stay in the division. In the first half, we weren’t at the races but in the second half, we stepped o the gas and managed to get a draw. We even took the lead and had opportunities to kill the game. Today we had another very young defence, who had a few mistakes in them. We fought until the very end to try to win but we weren’t successful. We’re of course disappointed because we wanted to close the season with a victory in front of our home fans and the president”

We knew that they would come at us with an aggressive edge. In the first half, we didn’t move the ball quickly enough, and Alessandria managed to close us down. We really tried today, as everyone played their part. I don’t know why Simy was sent off: the referee was called back by the fourth official, but I don’t know what was said. Even today we picked up some injuries: the three substitutions were enforced as a result of injuries”

In the past few matches we have seen the team’s proactive attitude and this is a group of young people, which bodes well for this club’s future. I didn’t ask the referee why Bernabè wasn’t allowed to receive treatment, but in the first half, he seemed to stop the game when one of the opposition players was on the ground. I don’t know if he thought he was feigning injury, but either way, we were forced to replace him because he couldn’t continue”

“Inglese struggled both today and during our previous match. He’s still fresh off the back of a long injury and hasn’t played for the best part of 3 months. In other matches I think he’s done much better because he was coming onto the pitch when our opponents were fatigued; today he picked up a knock to his back which is what forced him off.”