Parma, 4 May 2022 – Gigi Buffon and Ermes Fulgoni.

At the La Salle institute gates in Parma, the excitement was building, as teachers and students noticed the pair climbing the stairs to the second floor, where they were greeted by a maraud of boys and girls.

The meeting was organised by the school to promote the values ​​of training and using sport as a means of education.

This morning, at the La Salle institute, a special day was in store, as Gigi Buffon answered the students’ questions.

There was great anticipation, as the children listened intently to what the Crociati icon had to say; a champion both on and off the pitch.

It was a beautiful moment, with Ermes standing at his side, as the two embraced warmly in the background.

No stone was left unturned, as the questions came thick and fast.

There were many points of curiosity. However, Gigi immediately proceeded to say: “When I was your age, I dreamt of becoming a professional footballer, of playing at San Siro, because I never stopped thinking about football. I dreamt of becoming a hero, idolised by the fans. I never foresaw the career that I’ve had. I know I show great passion and have great enthusiasm. I must admit that the first person who made me truly believe that I could make it as a professional footballer, was Ermes. When I first arrived in Parma, people often came to watch us train and when he spoke to the fans, he’d tell them to look at that boy over there, at how strong he is, announcing that I’d play for the national team in a few years, and will play in Serie A. So I encourage you to pursue your dreams.

His desire to speak to the children is what makes the encounter even more special. Everyone joking and smiling, in good spirits. From photo to photo, the Crociati goalkeeper continues: “I’m mad and so is Ermes. My main strength? I have always found it important to speak and dialogue, to share with others, and this will to share has allowed me to run through every obstacle I’ve ever encountered in sport. I have always played to put a smile on the fans’ faces and to never fall foul of my teammates. This is why I’ve played for so long and continue to play.”

Mid-morning, the students of the middle school swapped places, allowing the elementary school students to have a chance to speak to the main man.

Gigi continued to be mobbed for photos in the corridors.

This is Gigi’s home, and he’s well aware of the fact: “Parma has always had a special place in my heart, a place of refuge for me. The ten years as a boy were the most important for my development. All my friends were here, the main relationships I grew up around were here, in Parma. I was never afraid of returning. When I returned as an opponent, I was returning to a prestigious place, where I could still feel the affection, that people here had for me. This emotional involvement never meant I was questioning my decision to move to a bigger city. I chose to return for so many reasons and all of them have lived up to my expectations. I am really happy with my decision to return to Parma and I am convinced that next year we will be able to find the right path and take Parma back to where it belongs.”