Parma, 8 May 2022 – This is a sport that belongs to everyone, creating a level playing field and uniting fans all over the world, crushing every prejudice. The stadio Ennio Tardini will host this amazing project next Sunday, 15th May. It will be the first time our team, Va ‘Pensiero-Parma for Special and our women’s team, led by Ilenia Nicoli, have played at the stadium, during Krause’s tenure as president: it will be an emotional moment for the teams playing at the Tardini, the home of the Crociati. Although most renowned for being the home of the men’s First Team, for a day it will host our other associated sides giving them the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and express themselves on the main stage, as well as to warm the fans’ hearts. It’ll be a very special Sunday.


This will come to fruition, in particular, with the ‘Tardini for Special’ event, requested and organised by the club, in collaboration with the Va ‘Pensiero Association and the sportswear sponsor, Erreà. The event will take place on Sunday morning and will be open to the public, free of charge. It will also take place throughout the city district in which our stadium is located.

Fourteen teams will be taking part, all affiliated sides of the Paralympic and Experimental Football Department of the Italian Football Federation, adopted by the professional clubs and registered in their respective leagues.

It will be the first nationall scale, Special tournament with regards the number of memberships and events, which will take place in Parma. In addition to the Parmigiana Va ‘Pensiero, who represent Parma Calcio 1913, there will be many clubs, representing the paralympic game both nationally and locally.

The matches will take place, thanks to the club’s collaboration with club, Us Audace, based in the city, on the fields of Ferrari Park. The park sits adjacent to the stadio Tardini, and both locations will be connected by a dedicated path. The Tardini pitch will be the scene of the final match and the closing ceremony, with the stadium also hosting a group lunch in the hospitality facilities (Tardini Onore and Tardini Lounge), where all participants of the 14 teams will be able to eat together and share their memories, at the end of the tournament.

‘Tardini for Special’ has received the patronage of the Lega Serie B and the Coni – Emilia Romagna Regional Committee.



From Paralympic football to the womens’ game: in the afternoon Stefano Cavalli’s team will pass the baton to the Parma Calcio 1913 First Team, coached by Ilenia Nicoli, who will return to play their own official match at the home of the Crociati.

At 16:30 CEST, our womens’ team will face their final challenge of the ‘promotion poule’ of the league of Excellence. The Sammartinese will be their opponents at the Tardini.

This will present a fantastic opportunity to pay tribute to the entire womens’ game, which continues to develop and grow, as Parma Calcio 1913 reserves more attention and interest in its womens’ sector. There is a great deal of hope that the afternoon on Sunday 15 May will provide an enjoyable occasion for all involved, and celebrate the achievement of a huge sporting milestone.