Parma, 9 May 2022Parma Calcio 1913 are mourning the death of Corrado Marvasi, who passed away in the last few hours. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to his family.

All of Parma Calcio – owners, management, technical staff, players and employees – would like to express their sympathy to the Corrado family at this time. Corrado was a cornerstone of our organised fanbase and was heavily engaged in many of the Club’s initiatives.

Marvasi was the founder and president of Parma Club ‘Amigh dal Parma’.

The name he gave to ‘his’ group of fans, who were affiliated with the Parma Clubs Coordination Centre, reflects his passion in its entirety.

A friend of Parma Calcio Corradone certainly was.

He was always in the front row, home or away, in any weather or at any level. Memorable still are his trips abroad in Europe in the 1990s. Moving still is the memory of his attendance to celebrate the founding of Parma Calcio at the Tardini on a frigid Sunday in December, despite him only just having been discharged from hospital.

He was always there, especially in times of trouble, even in the most extreme cases like the club going into administration.

He was a willing and generous participant in the club’s initiatives for fans, helping the city but also other regions of Italy struck by natural disasters.

He always embodied a sense of belonging to the Crociati shirt, hosting players and coaches in the host of “parmigianitá” that is Oltretorrente.

Anchored in the history of Parma Calcio, with which he proudly shared the date of his birth (16 December), he was one of the organisational fulcrums of the Ex Gialloblù association.

Corradone was one of the beating hearts of the Parma Calcio community.

Ciao, Crociato.