Parma, 12 May 2022 – He returned to where it all started, where he became a man and a footballer, one Sunday afternoon in November 1995. Gigi Buffon walked through the gates of the Maria Luigia Institute and Boarding School in Parma this morning, welcomed by the school’s students. Gig looks back into the past, today, once in their shoes. He retraced the boarding school’s corridors, and his room, which he shared with other boys, during the time he spent training as a scholar in the Crociati Youth Sector. Today’s event was a conference called “The Success”, where the goalkeeper, Buffon, stepped aside for the man Gigi, who spoke about his journey and emotions, between joy and disappointment, which often occur in life, as they do in sport. He recounted his life in the world of football, his profession and passion. He was introduced and accompanied by the Boarding School’s and the annexed school’s Head, Adriano Cappellini. Gigi spoke for the best part of an hour, signed autographs and took selfies with the boys and girls who wanted to talk to him and wished to discover more about his life story.

“In life there is are most definitely difficult moments, in which you have to make sacrifices and hold back, but there are also moments of jubilation and enjoyment. If I had only ever sought to make sacrifices, after 5 years, I would’ve gone mad, because you simply cannot put that much pressure on your mind. So there are moments in which you must make the sacrifice and it’s necessary, but you know you will be better for it down the line. There is also a time to have fun in life. If you can appreciate the balance between sacrifice and enjoyment, you will be successful, without necessarily putting too much strain on your body and mind “. This was the essence of the message that Gigi gave in the theatre of the Maria Luigia Institute. Before this, he received the Maria Luigia National Boarding House Loyalty Award for 2022, from the school’s Head; an award that could simply only be awarded to Buffon, who stepped back into the past for a morning, to the origins of his youth.