Collecchio, 25 May 2022 – There’s are real desire from most to know him, speak to him, discover the secrets that have made him such a popular character worldwide, to hear his story of life at the top of the game. Gigi Buffon answers the questions of the fans who participated in the “Meet & Greet by Cetilar” (online version), selected thanks to the “YellowBlue Contest”; a competition that offers the opportunity to win Gialloblù prizes each month: The Crociati captain seemed to relish the opportunity to speak to his fans, in an hour-long video call from the Collecchio press: the fan’s enthusiasm was contagious, and there were also plenty of awe-struck fans who couldn’t believe they were afforded the opportunity to ask questions of their hero. Gigi held nothing back. He adds: “Always follow your dreams and wishes and life will take you on a journey, which you never thought could happen. Time is precious, so have fun, but keep trying to grow and mature”.

Giorgia, originally from Milan, rendered shy by her emotion, but delighted, said: “I follow you everywhere, Gigi, you are my idol” she begins. “Thank you”, the Crociati captain replies, “it makes me really pleased to know that people look up to me”. Everybody is keen to see him feature on the pitch. “How long will you continue to play?” says Giorgia.You will certainly see me again playing for Parma; I play because I love it and I feel valued in the squad Gigi replies.

A Parma shirt appears in the foreground, wearing it is Tommaso, Crociati and Gigi superfan. “Hello Thomas! I stayed in Parma because I believe in the project, and it has always been the goal that I have set myself and that I have carried with me through my career … I still have a lot of energy and positivity!” Buffon says. And Tommaso, a Parma native, is amazed. Anna’s turn comes shortly after, joined by those with whom she shares an office. Unusual story. “I’m from Potenza, my boyfriend is a huge Parma fan and he managed to get me hooked too”. “Our situations are so similar, I too have a brother-in-law from Potenza” confides Gigi. The pair laugh. “Stay strong Gigi, and congratulations!” concludes Anna. With Giovanni, there is lots of laughter to be had. “I’m very excited and I’m from Bari“. “Ah, like my friend Antonio Cassano” puts him immediately at ease, Gigi. “I am your biggest fan. I grew up watching you, you are a fantastic example. My dad used to tell me the story of your debut. I follow you everywhere”. Love has no borders, no colours.

Salentino, but living in Casalmaggiore. Mino is also delighted to meet Gigi. During their interview, Mino is surprised by a colleague in the office, who comes in and is desperate to speak to Buffon: “Well done, I’m happy to meet you too” replies Gigi. Then it’s the group of Parma Calcio 1913 goalkeepers’ turn, a group of very young children, accompanied by Ale Pedretti, who encourages their questions as they speak to their idol. “At last, I see some proper goalkeepers, looking very sharp. Did you improve today? Did you train? I must always urge you to have fun, but always think about where you can improve every day, more and more”. Everything under the sun is discussed: from Zidane’s headbutt in the World Cup final, to Thomas N’Kono, to how he came to play for Parma, to his first teacher, Ermes Fulgoni, who did everything in his power to bring him to the club. Then the story of his debut: “My Serie A debut? I was 17, so very young. The first game in Serie A affects you on an emotional scale, and from then on, it was a real challenge. We were playing against AC Milan and shared top spot in the league. I remember it being a very tense game, but it was a great feeling to announce myself to world football. Those emotions prevailed”.

It was then Marco’s turn, then three aspiring goalkeepers from Salerno, to Umberto from Turin and, finally, to Chiara, from Parma and Gigi’s friend from his time at the Maria Luigia school, when Gigi had not yet made a name for himself. “It’s wonderful to see you, thanks Chiara. My decision to return to Parma is, and was, an emotional one for me. For next year? Trust, trust, always “. Thanks to “Meet & Greet by Cetilar” who made it possible for these select few fans to learn even more about their champion: Gigi Buffon.


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