Parma, 8 June 2022 – The thoughts of new Parma Coach, Fabio Pecchia, who was presented to the press this morning by President Kyle Krause in the Press room at the Stadio Ennio Tardini in Parma.

“I had the opportunity to come to a hugely historic and important club, which is a really intriguing challenge, and that excites me and has done ever since we started to discuss the idea of becoming Head Coach. I always look for exciting challenges because I like to transmit excitement and enthusiasm. And I believe that Parma’s history, structure and solid foundations, and ambition, as well as imagining a full house at the Tardini, have given me this motivation. At Collecchio, I got the feeling of an organisation from a top club; everything that’s around it, the people that work here, the equipment and facilities available. These are important days in order to get to know the environment where we are going to work. I know a lot of the players and I’ve already spoken to many of them. I feel to be in a top club.

Before, the President said that I like to work together as one. I believe that here there is a Club, an organisation where everyone in their own department and role needs to be well-prepared and competent. In the end, it’s the Club that makes the decisions, such as in the transfer market and all the other situations where we must work as a team. It’s an invitation to everyone who works for the club, we all have to be working in the same direction. There is a direct relationship with the Club, the decisions are made by the Club, and it’s the Club that chooses.

My philosophy is really clear and specific, the real secret for me is to create a strong group that has a clear identity, technically and tactically, and above all spirit. There are a lot of young players here with great potential, and also many foreigners, many languages and ways of communication. But we need to speak the same language. There are no secrets, only a drive to work hard and to stick together, and to come to Collechio with a willingness to work and form a highly competitive group.

In the last two years, some positive energy has been lost. I’m not only speaking about the players but also the team you don’t see, the backroom staff that works for the squad, you will hear me repeat this word often. I want to get this positive atmosphere back. The first step is for the players to get closer to the Crociati supporters because we are the first point of call. We need to recreate an enthusiasm around the whole Club but we can only do that with hard work. We’ll need time, but we need to cut it short as well. In our world, time is always in short supply so we need to accelerate it. When the President said it would be a big summer, he wasn’t wrong. We have a lot of work to do this summer.

This team, and the whole environment, needs to create a winning mentality, and have the desire to win at all costs: win, move to the next game and then win that one, too. Our first objective will be to try to create this spirit around the whole Cub. The squad must strive towards having this winning mentality, to win the next game.

We have a lot of good, young, strong players in the squad. We want to have a squad that wants to confront and attack games, to experience them. But also to know how to cope with what the opposition throws at you. Last year with Parma, that’s not what happened. For a few years, I’ve followed and known about the Club’s story indirectly. I was really close to playing for Parma, and now I find myself as their Coach. I am really happy with my choice; the Parma story really intrigues me. There’s also a solid business foundation here, the ambition and the passion from the President, there’s so much going for it.

When I came here, I spoke with Ribalta, with Pederzoli, and with the President, Krause. I spoke with the Club because the organisation of the club is vital for me. From my point of view, there is a solid structure here that is moving forward. For me, the reference is always the Club”