Parma, 9 June 2022 – Parma President Kyle Krause spoke to journalists in the Press Room at the Tardini about present matters within the Club and the future of Parma Calcio – from new facilities to performance data analysis – whilst also talking about developments in the Women’s setup.

“Regarding the stadium, we are waiting for the elections to conclude to then have the approval of the final project. We have worked hard with the local administration and we are at a good stage, we want to start work at the end of the season. Two other issues are Collecchio and the youth setup. We want to have the best facilities in Italy for all of our squads. This will allow us to provide the appropriate resources, even if the men’s squad is already well-equipped. To reach higher levels, it is essential that we develop our own youngsters. Bringing young players through here, wearing our shirt, gives a great sense of pride. Data analysis is an area that can make the difference. It’s a collection of all the information available that is used to improve player performance. We are able to know the number of minutes played and the workload to understand the effect it has on an athlete. This data could be used in finding new players too, but in the future. For the moment, we have our scouting department. But we do have a manager in charge of this data and who will help us in improving the youth system. The last two seasons have been somewhat difficult but I haven’t lost faith. Parma has a rich history and I’m positive we will become big once again in the future. We continue to work for improvement. We have several projects in progress: from the stadium to Collecchio, the women’s team to data analysis. It’s vital we have the right people here that allow us to face all fronts head on. Our management structure remains the same although we will have both a new Sporting and Corporate Managing Director, who are set to be announced in the next few weeks.

“We hope that Covid is behind us and that supporters can flock back to fill up the stadium again. We have been very careful with the players and the management of risk has been meticulous, but we appreciate it has had an impact on our rapport with the supporters. The injured players have been examined. It’s the experts who decide on what course of action to take based on scientific reasons. We will use the data to reduce the risk of injury and find ways for quicker rehabilitation processes. We want to overhaul the Training Centre. We have already started on the project but I think we will see the real work start in 2023. For next season, we are going to concentrate on getting in younger players with experience in Serie A and B. We have a good foundation that will help us to start work for the new season. Last year, Pecchia managed a young squad that were new to the level; the point is that age doesn’t matter, it’s talent that counts. We have a good base, we just need some new components to compliment it.”