Parma, 11 June 2022 – An unmissable friendly against Sampdoria has been scheduled to really mark the start of the 2022/23 season. The match will be played at 17:00 CEST on Saturday 16 July at the Ponte di Legno Sports Centre. But for Crociati supporters who want to follow the team, Parma’s pre-season will begin much earlier. The group will return to Collecchio from 4-5 July before departing for Val di Pejo on Wednesday 6 July, when, in the afternoon, they’ll hold their first training session at the Celledizzo Sports Centre. An in-house friendly between Parma A and Parma B will then take place on Sunday 10 July (17:30 CEST).


  • 4 and 5 July: Training sessions at Collecchio
  • 6 July: Departure for Val di Pejo
  • 6 July (17:30): first session in Val di Pejo (Celledizzo Sports Centre)
  • 10 July (17:30): Parma A vs. Parma B (Celledizzo Sports Centre)
  • 16 July (17:00): Sampdoria vs. Parma (friendly, Ponte di Legno Sports Centre)