Celledizzo, 8 July 2022 (Trento) – This is what Simone Romagnoli had to say during his presentation press conference at the Sports Centre in Celledizzo (Trento).

“There are plenty of positives to report so far. We’ve started to feel the fatigue and put the Coach’s requests into practice. We have everything we need to train well and the desire to dig in and put in the hard graft. Parma really wanted me and that had been the case for a long time. Then, the conditions were there to join, also thanks to Empoli, a club I had an excellent relationship with and that will remain in my heart. But I’ve come here with great enthusiasm. Now, there’s the opportunity to lay the foundations to do something fantastic and exciting.

“We’ll work hard to try to get to know each other quickly with the aim of doing the best we can. I’m happy if the fans and club are happy with my arrival, but I need to show my worth on the pitch. I’m the oldest defender but have joined a team with strong players. In defence, we’ll try to be united to defend as a unit and do what the Coach asks of us. I think that priority has to be on what happens on the pitch and, during these first few days, there’s a good amount of desire on display. This is a starting point.”