Celledizzo (Trento), 15 July 2022 – President Kyle Krause, spoke to the media about the upcoming 2022/23 season for the first team squad

“For this upcoming season we have kept many players from last year; there have been 5 new additions and we have already noticed a better interaction between them, they look more like a team. I saw them both at the training camp and in the hotel. Last season taught us two things: avoid relegation and put a squad together that can function as a squad in the shortest time possible. I think I can say, also on behalf of Fabio, that there were no great surprises; he has seen we have a number of talents within the squad, and I think he can be happy with the resources he has available. I am at the complete disposal of our coach to know where we need to improve and once he has expressed his wishes, it will be up to the scouting department find what was requested. Seeing his style of play, we will need forward players and wingers. We do not have a lack of talent, but of specific roles. Il Managing Director Corporate? The Corporate Managing Director? And the Managing Director of Sport? It was an honor and a pleasure to have been able to officially announce Luca, who is a man of great experience and with a very significant career behind him. He is a person I know and I’ve already had the opportunity to meet and talk to him several times; I am very happy. But also very surprised at the number of talented figures who applied for the position of Managing Director of Sport. There were people at a European level, but as I have already said in the last two years, our idea of this role is not in line with the Italian idea of this role. They must not scout or supervise the Men’s First Team. The figure that we aim to identify is that of a person who not only has experience in the world of football, but also to give a direction to what I like to call the ‘Parma Way’. As I said a couple of conferences ago, we are not far from identifying this person but the research continues. It’s important for us to find the right person. Our team is working well and has accepted the challenge. I will return to the United States this week and have not planned any press conferences to make an announcement yet. I’m a very competitive person, I like to win. The success that we can achieve with Parma Calcio in the men’s team will also depend a lot on what we do in the youth setup. And developing the youth system takes years; it takes time. We have to identify the methodology and the approach, and to adopt this also to the First Team. And in order to contribute to the development of boys and girls, we have to strengthen the performance and analysis teams, too, by including new resources, new people. The main aim, obviously, is to return to Serie A; I’m also willing to make short-term decisions, as well. In the future, I want to see a more youthful looking team, but not only made up of young people, but with players taken from all over Europe. I am a fan and a lover of Italian football; I am a supporter of the Italian national team, many in our squad will be Italians. In 5 years’ time, we will also have a new stadium and a new training centre with all the benefits that these structures will give to both men’s and women’s football. Serie B? I am pleased that it has strengthened. It pushes us to raise the level on how we are working. It would be much easier against 19 amateur teams, but that’s never going to happen. Our aim is to make investments and work hard to bring the team back to where it belongs, in Serie A, which is what the fans want, like all of us. My promise for the season? I can’t promise promotion, if that’s what you are referring to. But I can promise to make every effort, all within our capabilities, to make promotion our goal. If we look at the last two seasons, we have made mistakes and I don’t think it makes much sense to look for blame. But if you ask me if I think this is the strongest Parma from the last two seasons, then I’d say it is. If we look at two seasons ago, we have added a new coach, a new sporting director and made a lot of decisions in the transfer market. In hindsight, we didn’t have the type of team to stay in Serie A. As for last year, we had many players who wanted to be here. And if they hadn’t wanted, then also we wouldn’t have wanted to keep them. It is not an accusation but some of the players who left went to teams for teams in Europe, achieving some important results. Now, we have a strong core of players who have been playing together for some time; they know each other well, and you can see that on the pitch. Returning to our promises, we will do what is necessary to make Parma a successful team in the long term. This will involve investment in the present and in the future.”