Collecchio, 20 July 2022 – New Crociati signing Leandro Chichizola has been formally introduced and has spoken to the press at the Collecchio Training Centre.

“I’m really pleased to be here and the faith that Parma has shown me. I will do my upmost best to reach our future objectives and make us a team. We are building a team through hard work and even though we have strong individuals, we must work hard together to become a squad. Buffon? He is one of the reasons I chose to come here. To be here working with him is a dream. I remember him when I was a child, I saw him on TV, so to be here and train alongside him is such a dream come true. I would never have imagined it. I recently told someone who is very close to me: I’ve met Superman, now it’s time to meet Clark Kent. We’ve spent some time together in the last 3/4 days and he is more Clark Kent than Superman. This is what makes you realise why he is having such an extraordinary career. Buffon is the number one, there’s no reason to question that. He’s Gigi Buffon, he’s getting back to fitness and he will play. And that’s how it should be. I’m here because the Club and Head Coach wanted me here. I’ll work alongside him and if he can’t play for some reason, then I’ll step in and play. I’ll be like Steve Kerr when he was at the Chicago Bulls. When Jordan couldn’t play, Kerr played. So Buffon is Michael Jordan“.

“In my career, I’ve met three players who have greeted me and I just froze and didn’t say a word. One player was Maradona, when I was a ballboy at River Plate’s stadium in an Argentina international match. I was in the changing rooms and he entered, there I was as soon as he opened the door. I just stood there, like a block of ice. I didn’t know what to say. The same thing happened at Camp Nou with Messi. I was talking to Mascherano, and I felt someone touch me from behind so I turned around and there was Messi. I had thought about what I’d say when I meet him, but not a single word came out. And it happened again last season here at Tardini with Gigi. When I saw him, I reacted in the same way, so to have him now as a team mate is just fantastic. I’ll take note of all of his suggestions and tips to be become an even better player. Parma is a Club that has ambitions and wants to have an important season, but we must first look to working hard, and as a group. Everyone I’ve spoken to has spoken very highly of Parma, there’s an ambition to do well here and I couldn’t not accept. My aim is to just get down to work with my team mates, as I’ve only had three training sessions and a game so far”.

“My personal goal is that of the team’s, that we need to be the best and to try and win every game. I don’t play alone, we’ll try to defend our goal, not concede goals and try to win every match. Every year, the level increases in Serie B, it’s always a tough league. Our fans? Having our fans behind us this season in such a tough league will be vitally important. We feel their support, they remind me a little of fans in Argentina, who support their team through thick and thin, whatever the result“.