Collecchio, 6 August 2022 – Head Coach Fabio Pecchia spoke to the media in the press room at Collecchio ahead of the game against Salernitana, scheduled for Sunday 7 August at 21:00 CEST.

Despite the extremely hot weather, the players have been working hard and applying themselves really well, even during this week. It’s the most pleasing thing for a coach but it’s also the most difficult part. There are always doubts, and there always will be, at the end of the week about who’s going to play, who’s more ready. Some doubts are because of physical condition, some are returning back from long-term injuries, specifically referring to Man. But there’s also Bob (Inglese), who has come back and is in good condition. My saying “mean business”? It referred also to the Sampdoria game, our first pre-season match. To create the right mentality and a style of play, playing our way, isn’t only put into action when the games have something riding on them. To mean business meant starting from the first game because there were supporters there, a real opponent, a team from Serie A, and it was worth just as much as an official, competitive game. We wanted to play these pre-season games in the right manner, with the right mentality, and with the aim to try and win them.

The transfer market? It’s something that affects all clubs and coaches but our activity in the market was swift. We were able to bring in three players and the squad is that from last year. We need to think about tomorrow’s game because it’s an important step for us as a team, a group, and as players. Salernitana? They come off the back of several games played with strength and quality. We face a team who did something quite remarkable and extraordinary at the end of last season, especially the Head Coach; I congratulate him because the work he did was fantastic, done with determination, courage and quality. That’s what we’re going to come up against; it’s going to be a good test for us in exciting surroundings.

The group? I watch the players train and I’m very proud because I see them applying themselves consistently, day in, day out. It makes me proud because this behaviour facilitates growth and development within a group. I would like to see a team that doesn’t change regardless of the stadium, the surroundings, the pitch, because in the end football pitches are the same all over. Our attitude should always be the same without any differences, both in front of our home crowd and in other stadiums.

Serie A2? Looking beyond the names, all the squads, whether they be new, or in the process of building, or already having a solid base, will look to bring something to the League and it’s all set up to be a strong competition and difficult to predict. There are big differences in Serie A but here in B, this uncertainty and unpredictability makes it really interesting. Once we’re underway, only then will we really start to understand the real value of each team”.