Salerno, 7 August 2022 – This is what Crociati Coach Fabio Pecchia had to say after the match between Salernitana and Parma in the round of 64 of the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa.

“The best about this evening – in fact, I congratulated the boys – was the early stages of the game, during which Salernitana had the upper hand. We struggled at times but defended with humility, with heart, with determination, with the intention of protecting our goal. But in the second half the team went from strength to strength, creating many chances and goalscoring opportunities. The best part was our attitude when Salernitana were on top of us; we held out with great humility and desire, putting everything on the line

“Vasquez? He felt ill and was not fit to play. At one point I felt like subbing him on, but it was too risky given the condition he was in. He was in no state to take to the field.

“I see that the team has struggled in the last two years, but now within the squad there is a desire to create a certain environment, a certain enthusiasm, to bring us closer to our fans. We just have to spur on the 5000 season ticket holders in such a way that they are proud of our performances. This enthusiasm can be developed game by game and that is our task.

“Bari? For the opening league game, we’ll arrive in the same condition. Like us, Bari came from behind to knock out a team from Serie A with a great performance, I saw the first half. They have enthusiasm and ambition as they topped their division last season. We are happy to face them at the start of the season. This new championship will be very exciting.”