Salerno, 7 August 2022 – Crociati defender Lautaro Valenti spoke to the press at the end of the Frecciarossa Coppa Italia Round of 32 match against Salernitana.

“I didn’t expect I’d start off the season so well, but the boss put his trust in me and I just want to give everything I’ve got. I have to show it on the pitch, and give 100% in every moment. Romagnoli? Each time there’s a new player alongside you, you learn a lot more. Simone has a lot more experience than me; I have to listen to him. That’s the way it should be. I need to listen to his advice, they’re important. The Coppa Italia? We are happy to have made the next round, we must give 100% in every match . We don’t need to see how our rivals are doing, we just have to always be able to give our best. Personally, I feel like my mentality has changed. Early on, I didn’t feel great because of an injury, but now I’m ready knowing that I have to deliver for the boss and my teammates.”