San Mango Piemonte (Salerno), 8 August 2020 – After qualifying for the round of 16 of the Coppa Italia after beating Salernitana, the Crociati have started preparing ahead of the match against Bari. It will be the Serie B season opener and is scheduled for Friday 12 August (20:45 CEST).

This morning, at the Terzo Tempo Sports village in San Mango Piemonte (Province of Salerno), who the club thank for their welcoming hospitality, Fabio Pecchia and his staff split the squad into two groups: those who played in the Coppa Italia match, did some gym work and a warm-up session. Meanwhile, those who only played a bit or none at all did gym work and a warm up before some technical drills and a mini-match to finish. 

The Crociati will continue preparations on Tuesday 9 August with a morning training session at Collecchio.