Parma, 11 August 2022Bari at the Tardini on matchday 1 in the league.

It has happened just in Serie B in Crociati History, in 1961/62.

It was Sunday 3 September 1961 and it ended 1-1. The guests took the lead early on through Rodolfo Bonacchi before Giovanni Meregalli brought us level just before the break.

But that isn’t the game that we want to discuss with you ahead of the opening day of Serie B 2022/23. Instead, we are going back 30 years, to savour the sweet taste of victory.

It was the 1991/92 Serie A season. It wasn’t matchday 1, as the Gialloblù had travelled to the Olimpico for a 1-1 draw with Lazio.

It was the second game of the season, on Sunday 8 September 1991.

The Tardini, ten days ahead of our first-ever European fixture in the UEFA Cup, was absolutely packed.

The atmosphere was crackling.

And it was Captain Lorenzo Minotti who ignited the spark.

His header in front of the Curva Nord saw us beat the Biancorossi 1-0.

Mino, in the 33rd minute, made a late run into the box.

He picked up a yard of space, catching the Bari backline completely unawares.

He met Stefano Cuoghi’s ball in from the free kick.

Heading the ball in from a few yards out.

Fu il primo successo in campionato del Parma Calcio in quella stagione. That was Parma’s first win of the season.

Photos: The Curva Nord during Parma vs. Bari on Sunday 8 September 1991; midfielder Daniele Zoratto, the fulcrum of Nevio Scala’s Parma; Zoratti hugs Minotti after the goal.