Parma, 28th August 2022 – The words of the Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia at the end of the Cosenza match, the third matchday of the 2022-23 Serie BKT.
“We expected to face a healthy team, they won the first two matches because they create problems. We kept it alive, which was then complicated, because when we went ahead, especially in the first half with all those chances, we had to give a final blow. So, we kept it always alive, always open and anything could have happened. But the victory is deserved. What I saw in the first part of the second half was extraordinary, with an extraordinary boost from the crowd. There were 20 minutes of a very high level with pace, chances, it was one with the fans and the team together. It was really nice to experience that, because in those moments you have to make the coup de grace. It could have been a different final 20 minutes, but as I said before it was a game that was always alive.
We had the right desire to want to do it, given the support of the crowd, the atmosphere that had been created, on our side there was the emotion and the desire to achieve victory. Maybe we got a bit stuck on that, we gave Cosenza a big hand in defence, because we didn’t play the game with impetus. Then when the boys open up, we did the things we know how to do. For us the step was Perugia, even more than individual qualities, we gave a sense of unity. There was a team attitude there that wanted to get results. Today there was a good, fighting spirit, but we still have to grow on many things. It’s true that we brought it home, but this game should have been closed off much earlier.
The changes in defence? I want a competitive group, a group that can grow and improve. And one that is also competitive with each other. I liked Coulibaly, it wasn’t easy. Then after the caution it could have been risky. On Circati, he responded great. But the group has to face the championship like this, there is not a formation for me but a group to enhance, to manage, to make them make the most of, and in all this create a team that gets results.


Inglese? It’s the most frequent question, he’s been working really well for two months, with professionalism, commitment. I’m not concerned about the goal, because that will be the consequence of all the work he is doing.
The procession next game against Ternana? In between we have a good away game, it will be a good test of wanting to play.
Defensive solidity at the moment comes from the whole team, with the continuous work of the forwards and the outside players and the more offensive players allow us to have better management. We didn’t have great moments where Chichizola had to cover. This is the work of the whole team. I would have liked to have seen a few more goals today.
Cosenza had a good game, then we took the lead with a well-worked move. Then in the second half it could have been 2-0 or 3-0, they had a good first half”.