Collecchio, 2 September 2022 – Words from Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference for the match against Genoa (scheduled for Saturday 3 September 16:15 CEST) with journalists in the press room at the Collecchio training centre.


“I like the conjugation of the verb ‘let’s face’. This must be the meaning, because everyone has to face the best. It can’t have been easy, they immediately recreated enthusiasm after relegation, there is an atmosphere and you can breathe. They are a different team to us, because of the way they have been created, the way they play, the way they build their game, but above all because they have a different identity to us. They have a lot of very experienced players and it will be a huge challenge for us, really a great challenge, to face with the right attitude, to face wanting to do our own thing, on an extraordinary stage that wants to create emotions and stimulate. It sounds easier than it is, but we have to go to Marassi and do our thing and play for the three points. 


We are the youngest team in the league, lots of youngsters with great potential and they are from the club. My job is to make all these young people into a great group, a strong group. That must be the objective, to create a strong group. I have to take into consideration their performances during the week, making choices and keeping in mind their form and also that changes are made in that direction. Mihaila is fine, as is the whole group.


The transfer window? I am overjoyed, because we got exactly what we wanted. We shared as a club, technical aspect, budget, so now we’re starting, the only goal is for the boys to improve every day because we can really create something beautiful. I have to influence everything, technically, tactically, morally and mentally. This is our job day-in day-out and it not only falls on the technical staff, but on the whole club. Everything that revolves around the team, that transpires here at Collecchio, must be working and stimulating for all the boys. The boys come here in the morning to train and the air must be full of positivity, because they breathe it in. This is a highly functioning club that allows them to grow, to work, to put them in the best conditions and to be able to just be footballers. Having said that, from here on the team must be all in on the project, with a single, common goal: a desire to contribute to the cause. To create a Parma that will make the owner and above all the people of Parma proud. What I saw at the Tardini against Cosenza, especially in the second half, was something extraordinary, it was a team-ambient unity. The moment you create this, it can become a tidal wave.


Genoa? A very compact team, lots of physicality, with very experienced players. For us it’s a really good challenge, to play to our strengths, on a beautiful and exciting pitch. We’ll all have to strive together, with the same desire and attitude that the team has already shown. A good test for us which also comes at the start of the championship. The first-placed team is the most structured team to go to Serie A, a powerhouse, but we will fight them”.