Collecchio, 16 September 2022 – Comments from Crociati Head Coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference for the match against Ascoli (scheduled for Saturday 17 September, 14.00 CEST) in the press room of the Collecchio training centre.

“Ascoli? A very hot and heated environment, which tests you and gives you energy. They are a very experienced team, who have changed something especially in the middle, but they have players who have been working together for a long time. We have to be ready, I every faith in the group because we have already shown that in particularly heated and challenging environments, we know how to play. We cannot dwell on the fact that we having players missing, instead the group must continue to work and have the strength to face our opponents. The group is competent in doing its own thing, it must have the will to constantly improve and work hard. We are thinking about who will be ready for Saturday. Having an identity and being entertaining, effective and creative are all important. We must play in a way that brings results. We work for this on a daily basis, sometimes we pay for our lapses in focus too dearly. I expect us to push hard until the final whistle, because it’s a win (with Ternana, ed) that we let go. Even at 2-2 we had a chance for 3-2 with Bob (Inglese, ed). We must continue and be determined, this is a team made up of a strong group with a strong mentality. That is what we are building. The right term is insist.

I’m sorry that we have lost some players, sorry for us, sorry for the whole camp, but we still have a squad that can perform well on the pitch, that can make changes and that can face the game to the best of our ability. Osorio is available, which is a great bonus, he is motivated and has been out for a long time. He’s in the right psycho-physical condition to be able to return to the group. The only one is Bernabé, who we thought we could bring him back in, but maybe the risk is too big, so he won’t be there.

Benek? For the problem he has, he can play but it depends on the day. It’s nothing muscular, we depend on the boy’s ability to bear the pain, to be able to stay up and load into work. There’s no risk whatsoever, we keep him monitored and make decisions when we have to. 

The game plan? It could definitely be changed, also because it’s good to have a different plan on which we have to prepare and work. Over the course of the season, I’ve always talked about having a system that adapts to change, that we can work on. We keep it in our bank of knowledge and experience, we are working on it, the important thing is that Parma play the game, they have the desire to do things with great character with a strong belief in their own abilities. 

The interview with Fournier? I realised I have a good level of French and that makes me proud. But really there’s not been enough time yet, we’re still getting to know each other and we’ll have plenty more time to develop our conversations and improve my French.