Ascoli, 17 September 2022 – The words of the Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia, made at the end of the Ascoli match, on the sixth matchday of Serie BKT 2022-23.

“Before talking about the match, I want to address what this area has experienced in the last few hours. A thought to all those who have suffered unprecedented pain. We in Parma celebrated today, but not far from here there is someone who is picking up the pieces of their life. So I think it’s right to give a moment to those who are experiencing these sad moments.

On the game, I am overjoyed and delighted for the last 10 minutes. That desire to grind, to hang on to the result, to sit back despite Ascoli’s attacks, is what must remain our focus because it is the development of the group.

We have lost players, but this is the moment when the squad has to prove its worth. I liked to think about who I had at my disposal. We stuck to the same method as we had done before. The team reacted and responded to what we experienced in the match against Ternana. That match gave us the impetus to want something more.

Man? I’m happy that he came on and found the way to score. Besides who starts, we have to build something, as a squad. And building also comes from these things, from the weekly work.

Why did I like the last 10 minutes? Because Parma are playing in Serie B, they’re in the Serie B league and playing and arriving on such a demanding pitch, scoring 3 goals and conceding 1 and grinding for 10 minutes, it’s part of our league. That’s why I’m happy. The formation of the group develops from these things, the ability to endure the opponent’s offence is part and parcel of the league season.

11 goals in 6 games: Parma’s record for goals in second division history? The numbers are important, but let’s give them the right value. I don’t look at numbers in the short term. The thing that makes me angriest is that we are first in the league in shots conceded, but we are 14th in goals conceded. We conceded very little to the opponents, but at the first opportunity we conceded goals: that is the statistic that must be counted. And then we have to look for the breakthrough with a killer blow.”