Parma, 19 September 2022 – There are just five days left until our community gathering, at our Ennio Tardini stadium, on Saturday 24 September, from the afternoon to late evening, straight after the Parma – AC Milan Women’s Serie A Tim match.

Presenting: ‘Andiamo al Parma‘. In its most complete form since the open day in July. With features that will strengthen our unity.

Because it is not just the matches that makes us feel a sense of community…

The focus will be on the temple of the fans, the Curva Nord.

Along the walkway leading to the beating heart of the Crociati there will be street food trucks, serving delicious food with a strong territorial connotation, but not just that.

Fans can have a snack or dine at the tables and in the stalls, behind the Curva Nord, with the backdrop of the Boys Parma 1977 murals.

This is in front of a stage on which, afterwards, artists from Parma, with some Crociati in their DNA, will perform.

Like the young rapper Malakooda, the band ‘I figli dei fuori‘ and DJ Davide SchmId.

They will alternate with stars of Parma Calcio of yesterday and today, who will speak about moments of confrontation and remembrance as well as telling stories. Supported by multimedia contributions.

Guests and features will be unveiled over the course of the next five days in the lead-up to ‘Andiamo al Parma’.

You won’t want to miss out on the interesting new features and activities that were so popular in the summer introduction to ‘Andiamo al Parma’: the stadium tour, the football games for young children with the Parma Calcio Academy coaches, the eSports station, this time alongside a Subbuteo station, and the ‘Fan School‘ run by the Curva Nord supporters group.