Collecchio, 30 September 2022 – The words of the Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference for the match against Frosinone (on Saturday 1 October, 14.00 CEST), to journalists in the press room at the Collecchio Training Centre.

“We have lost lots of players to their national teams, which is something to be proud of for the club and for the environment here. All of them have returned and quite well, some have also had some minutes. They’re all with us, we’re ready for Saturday.

Frosinone? They have had a solid start, a young team but with a good cohesion. We are also young, and experienced. There’s quality in some of the battles. But it is clear that to win games, you need an attitude of great humility, which was shown on Saturday against Ascoli. Because that is a good base upon which you can build everything else, quality play, dribbling. But the solid foundation must be an attitude of humility, as a team. It is clear that this quality can come out.

I have players who have a different history, of a higher level. Like Buffon, who has done it for a lifetime, Bob, Vazquez, as well as all the youngsters. We can create an attitude and a team to bring out this quality. In Frosinone, I see new youngsters, with a coach who has been working there for three years. It’s a team that has something more than others and has been able to have some continuity. But we have to think about our philosophy, our identity, to follow up on the performance in Ascoli. And that is the aim of the team and the group.

Injuries? There are some last-minute evaluations, we will evaluate their condition. Some are close to finally joining the group.

Bernabé? He’s an asset, we need to have him in the best condition for him to be able to express himself. We have a problem when there isn’t such a player in the squad. Adrian is coming back.

Charpentier? He worked with the whole group, he’s in a totally different condition than others. But he’s showing good signs, apart from what may happen on Saturday. It was a very indicative week, especially for him and also for the whole staff. He has had a week with the group, he will certainly be with me on Saturday, then we’ll see.

Beyond the men on the pitch, I like Parma as a group. Everyone, like Tutino and Camara, made themselves ready. The important thing is that we maintain this kind of attitude. I think the team must continue to build an identity of how we play, we must play proactive football. The idea is clear, proactivity, going for goals, building a style of play. In the long term, this always pays off. Let’s recreate what we did at home: when there is an opportunity, as happened in Ascoli, we have to go and score goals”.