Parma, 1 October 2022 – These were the words of Crociati striker Franco Vazquez, after Parma vs. Frosinone, on matchday 7 of Serie BKT 2022-23.
“It was so important to get the three points at home, and in the end we had to dig in, but we managed to win and we are very happy. The goal for me? In the first two games I hit the crossbar, the goal will come, I don’t think about it and I’m not worried. The important thing is to win, it doesn’t matter who scores goals but that we win games.
The fans are with us, we want to respond on the pitch. We want to carry on like this and become more of a team. In the last two games I think it has showed. We are more aggressive, we are more compact. I think we have grown even though we are missing a lot of players. We know that in every game we have to dig in, every game is difficult. But each game like this makes you grow, makes you feel more of a team and makes you want to work even more.
The penalty? We talked between us, Gennaro felt like taking it and we left him to do so. He was the one who felt most confident, I asked him if he felt like it and he said yes. So there’s no problem. Even on the second penalty, we talked to Roby and then he left it to Dennis. Winning is the most important thing. 
I always try to do my best to help the team win, today I had a game with a lot of running and pressing. Especially when we were 2-0 down, I’m working well and I’m happy. And I want to give more.”