Collecchio, 4 October 2022 – Comments from the Crociati’s forward Gabriel Charpentier, made during a press conference with journalists in the press room at the Collecchio Sports Centre.

“I’m fine, I just had to get back to full fitness and now I feel good and happy to be here in Parma. The team? I see a good team, with a lot of ambition. And now we’re forming as a group and working more and more. My teammates? I’m getting on with them well, I already knew Enrico (Delprato), from playing with him at Reggina. And there are also some French players who I knew. I became part of the group very quickly, that’s good for me. Even the coach spoke to me, he made me feel immediately part of the group.

The competition with Inglese? For me Inglese is an example, so I’m happy for him to score goals and to see how he works, it makes me want to work and to play with him in attack. 

The desire to play? There’s a lot of desire, I am working for it and waiting for my moment. I’m ready to help the team. It’s my first time on the bench at Tardini and getting back on the pitch is always a good feeling. And also to meet former teammates. Parma’s goal? Now we’re working match by match, to win. And we only think about winning. Pecchia? He only asks me to work and think about winning.

My negotiations with the club? I spoke to my agent, he told me about Parma’s proposal and I immediately decided to come here, because it’s a great team and a great Club.

I didn’t know the city, it was the first time I came here. But I knew the team and the club because so many legends have passed through here’.