Parma, 6 October 2022 -Our league record at the historic Arena Garibaldi in Pisa, now named after the legendary president of the Tuscan club Romeo Anconetani, is difficult to say the least.

The pitch and the stands, which stand a stone’s throw away from the famous Piazza dei Miracoli with its leaning tower, are historically hostile for Parma.

We have only won there once, in November 1990 in Serie A, with a victory we have looked at before.

We had celebrated there five months earlier, on the last day of the season, with a jam-packed draw (2-2): our first promotion to the top division along with Pisa, an achievement that had already been mathematically confirmed for both sides in the previous weeks.

We have, at times, shown performances of character, even when it did not result in a win.

One of these, in Serie B, dates back thirty-seven years to the 1984/85 season, in which we were relegated, but which often saw convincing performances marked by determination and grit.

For example, on Sunday 3 March 1985, at the Arena Garibaldi, against Pisa, who eventually got promoted top of the table at the end of the season.

The hosts took the lead after 10 minutes.

Wim Kieft scored from the penalty spot. The Dutch centre forward sent our goalkeeper, the late Roberto Dore, the wrong way, who made the foul on Nerazzurri striker, Paolo Baldieri (1-0).

The Crociati, despite this initial blow, did not give an inch.

They played without hesitation, went forward and equalised twenty minutes later; Marco Macina with the goal, in the 30th minute..

Our point was the result of a left-footed shot at goal, after a beautiful passage of play on the right (1-1).

Pisa were unable to overcome that tough Parma side who were fighting, unfortunately in vain, for a result.

In the header: Marco Macina in action. In the photos: Crociati supporters at the Arena Garibaldi on 3 March 1985.