Collecchio, 14 October 2022 – Comments from the Crociati Coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference ahead of the game against Reggina (scheduled for Saturday 15 October, 14:00 CEST) to journalists in the press room at the Collecchio Sports Centre. “Injuries? I’m sorry, but we have to approach the match thinking about who will take the field. And those who have to step up and perform to our standards, I am sure, they will take to the field and achieve what we ask of them. The Parma we saw in Pisa, will continue to perform, maintaining the same identity but adding other things along the way. Like the desire to do, to improve, to score goals, to be the stars of the show. For those who were injured there is no recovery, Man has now been added to this list. On recoveries we have no news. On Chichi there is some doubt, as on other situations. On the topic of these injuries, I can add that there are times when, when they happen, you have to pull together even more. I read and see what happens in all teams, in the national team, teams that lose players to injuries with ease, it’s complicated to get an idea. For us, today, it’s a fact, this must make us think and tighten up even more, the group must unite and face the game ahead. On the bright side of the situation: you can assess the squad fully, because at times, precisely because of the absence of men, even the coach can’t assess where we are as a squad. The formation? We are working on a few alternatives, so we have more options during games. We also did this against Pisa. Clearly they must then be incorporated into our style of play and it depends on the type of game we are playing. On the topic of formations, there will be no change, I just want to see Parma. We can play 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, these are variations that make sense to us. But I want to see a team that dominates from the very first minute, which goes beyond individual performances. We have been working together for more than two months, so the group has a general team understanding, and everyone adds different characteristics. But the mindset of the team must be the same. Reggina? We face a team that has had an extraordinary start to the season, health-wise, physically and mentally. They are a very experienced and solid team, they many players capable of scoring, they are precise and it’s no coincidence that they are up there. For us our aim is to continue testing our development, on Saturday we will be facing a respected team. I repeat, it is no coincidence that they are up there. The numbers are extraordinary, they score goals and concede few. To have had a start as strong as this, there has to have been work from both the coach and the team. They set-up well, like the position of Menez who gives nothing away. The central pair is very experienced, with Di Chiara and Cionek they make an impressive unit for Serie B. Ansaldi? It’s a question of insertion and tightness, with him I want to proceed gradually, he’s an extraordinary all-rounder. He has above-average quality, also in terms of football intelligence, he can cover all roles, aside from central defender and forward. His versatility is an advantage and I’ll judge that according to the type of game we have to play and the opposition we are facing. Delprato can also play in the middle, but I still have doubts. I have doubts despite this whole situation. I have doubts about the choices. Players we have, the team will have to be ready to face the match as a whole and not individually”.