Parma, 19 November 2022 – Twenty-seven years ago, Gigi Buffon made his debut at stadio Ennio Tardini on 19 November 1995 in a Serie A clash with AC Milan. It was the start of an incredible journey that the world all over knows all too well. Today, our captain was at the ground to watch Parma vs. Juventus Women, in what was new Coach Panico’s first game in the Crociate dugout. Pre-match, Gigi Buffon, gave an interview to the “Women’s Serie A” TV programme on La7.

The Club is working in this direction, which is the best way. We are all athletes working at a high level and we represent a city that wants this. This behaviour, connection and connection is also getting lots of coverage abroad. I’ve also seen an improvement in technique, tempo and physical in the last five to ten years. It makes you understand what the possibilities are, and how performances can improve, when you offer professional services and structures. This is what makes their football and their style of play more enjoyable.  There’s a little more time and space to be able to build up their moves and in the end good technical play is what we always want to see.”

“I’m looking to get back around the middle of December, I should be able to start training and join in with the lads. This is the objective so I can be ready for the first game in 2023, and play right through until May/June without any setbacks.”

“A World Cup without Italy makes it meaningless for us. But when you step back and think about it rationally, it’s always a great event to follow; plus, there’s the fact it’s taking place in Qatar this time around that makes it fascinating. And then I think about my former teammates and their national sides. There’s an outsider for me, an unknown that has been close to my heart since I was a child, and that’s Cameroon. My final game for Italy? That was against Argentina. I have no need for celebrations, that’s just the way I am. It’s nice to be around a place when you are needed, and feel important. I needed to feel special. Once that’s gone, you have to stop. It was special but that chapter had to end eventually.”

Parma has given me a lot of happiness, serenity, and a new personal and human experience that I needed, after many years of pressure on me. It has restrengthened friendships that maybe for the last 20 years or so I’ve had to neglect. They are all positive things, with one big aim that I hope to be able to conclude.”