Collecchio, 2 December 2022 – Comments from the Crociati’s coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference ahead of this weekend’s game against Cagliari (scheduled for Saturday 3 December at 18:00 CET) presented to journalists in the press room of the Collecchio training centre.

“We face a team that has the same drive to play, to keep the ball, to dominate the match, so it will be a totally different match to the ones we experienced with Sudtirol and Modena. It will be a match in which how we play when not in possession will be crucial, as crucial as how we play when in possession. Because we face a team similar to ours, one that has quality players and the same goals. Whoever has more energy to keep the ball will be able to win the match. The championship is still in its early stages despite the fact that 14 matches have been played. But I frankly have to focus on the development of my team. The more we are able to improve in all aspects, the more we will be able to tackle this part of the championship and bring continuity. Until now we have also been able to do great things, but now we have to keep this going over for longer periods and for more games. Our championship rests on tomorrow. Our goal is Cagliari”.

“Whoever plays, plays Lapadula, so they will have to play the ball on the ground. Cagliari have quality players on the pitch. We must continue to pay more attention on the high balls, for sure. Because the goal that came (against Modena) came from carelessness, but I don’t see this as a problem: we have the structure and physical strength to fight. From set pieces we have scored goals and created problems, we are capable in attack. But we have to play the game on the ground with more speed and more quality. I’m convinced we’ll have more space than in recent games. Mihaila? He has characteristics that make him unique from all the others, he can play in tight spaces and he is also effective without the ball. He is decisive because he isn’t afraid to have a go. It’s not a question of minutes, but of improvement. I see him getting better and better. The two months of recovery have helped him, I’m happy. Every week he puts in more, he is a player who has found himself again”.

“Chichizola’s return is all but complete, now he’s ready. He was ready last week, butwe gave him one more week just to be safe, on Saturday he will play. Those who return after a long break tend to make a good contribution in the first week and that’s down to desire. Afterwards you have to evaluate a situation away from the rest of the group. But now we have to think about the game, which is tomorrow, and who will start. We must build on past experiences, last Saturday’s approach must remain in our minds, we have to manage the various decisive moments of a match with greater awareness. Beyond individuals and their condition, we must think about playing the match with a new awareness. Against Modena it was a bitter defeat because there was expectation, it was the derby. We wanted as a team to deliver at the Tardini, we missed this opportunity for several reasons. We must learn from these matches and clearly the team must reach such a level that, even a setback must be handled with the right maturity”.

“I’m pleased that he said he was following Cremonese last year, I know Pioli’s background so we’ve been in touch. And I like to follow AC Milan, that’s for sure”.