Collecchio, 7 December 2022 – Comments from the Crociati’s coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference ahead of the match against Benevento (scheduled for Thursday 8 December, 12:30 CET) made to journalists in the press room at the Collecchio Sports Centre.

“This is the life of a coach, I don’t lose sleep over other teams. As coaches we live under constant pressure, we depend on results and how the team performs on the pitch. It’s been like that since day one, we are professionals and I am focused on the team. We’re coming off the back of two top performances which only brought home a point. This gives me awareness of a team that constantly wants to improve. The team has always adapted very well, with certain adjustments but not overhauls. There have been times when things have not been done with the right timing, but we have always had the right attitude since day one. Specifically work on loose balls but then we have to keep working on our game as a whole”.

“Benevento? We will see what kind of match it will be, there is a team that beyond recent results has experience and ability, to know how to manage and to play these matches. But we must focus on ourselves, concentrating only on winning. We know how to play well, but the game in Cagliari must remain in our minds. Until the goal it was a high level performance in Cagliari, then after the goal we struggled to contain them, but you have to be able to cope with pressure for at least 10 minutes…”.

“Conceit? The strange thing is that when you lose you often hear words like this, some also use the word arrogance. And when one wants to play more proactive football, with the ball on the ground, keeping the opponent in their own third, one can think it’s a presumptuous team. My job of analysis is different from yours, I’ve never noticed attitudes like that. We have a lot of quality players, we create a lot and leave it all out on the pitch”.