Collecchio, 11 December 2022 – Comments made by the Crociati’s coach Fabio Pecchia during the press conference ahead of the match against Brescia (scheduled for Monday 11 December, at 20:30 CET) in front of journalists in the press room of the Collecchio training centre.

“Brescia? Above all, we have to give an answer to ourselves. We are not the same team from Thursday, we are the ones who want answers on the pitch. Few words, more actions. We have had enough time to prepare for the match and we will only have to show that on the pitch. Brescia have Moreo, who is a great striker, and they will try to get the best out of him. He’s very strong up front, but when we have possession we will have to keep the ball on the ground”.

“We certainly didn’t expect that kind of performance. Against Benevento it was an underwhelming performance. When there are high-stakes matches, you have to bring home all three points. This performance, since the Coppa Italia in Salerno until today, is below our standards. I’m sorry, we’re holding on to it, but we hurt ourselves and it will help us going forward”.

“System of play? For me the team must maintain its identity. Then you can also change the shape, but maintain your identity. The most worrying thing would be not having an identity, but the team has a clear one. You can see it and the continuity it has had. Altering the shape, for a change, I don’t see it as a solution but as an opportunity to be considered”. 

“Youngsters? It’s a job that fascinates me to bring them together, to build a team, to train players. Because we have players in the squad who need to be trained as men, as athletes and as players. The whole environment and the club is working in that direction. We also have to go through these moments to do it, moments of youth, but we have to show the enthusiasm and energy that young people have. On Thursday there wasn’t any, there was less than usual, but then they are styles of play. Usually there is a 40-50 year difference between us and our opponents, as a team as old as 100 years. So what? What should we do? Not play? We have to play in another way, in a different situation believing strongly in the game, in what we do. I’m not swapping any of my players for others, I have great confidence in the group even more so after Thursday’s game. We need the right time and training, the journey is ongoing. If then a team loses, people think to blame a 35-year-old or a 37-year-old, for me that is pointless. Camara and Delprato? They had come off badly from the Cagliari match, we still have a finishing session on Monday and we will assess the condition of both of them’.